‘Man vs. Wild’ Fame Bear Grylls To Launch Survival Academy In Saudi Arabia To Boost Tourism

by Deeplata Garde
‘Man vs. Wild’ Fame Bear Grylls To Launch Survival Academy In Saudi Arabia To Boost Tourism

In a thrilling development catering to adventure enthusiasts, Red Sea Global (RSG) has unveiled an exciting partnership with the globally renowned Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA). It’s all set to bring the famed survival and adventure brand to the heart of Saudi Arabia. Exciting news for adventure enthusiasts: Red Sea Global And Bear Grylls Survival Academy join forces in Saudi Arabia.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Coming To Saudi Arabia

The collaboration between RSG and BGSA is set to provide outdoor enthusiasts with an exceptional opportunity. Get ready to acquire essential team-building skills, wilderness education, and the art of survival through a diverse array of course offerings. Importantly, these experiences will be inclusive, welcoming guests of all abilities, including those with disabilities and special needs.

Behind this pioneering venture stands Red Sea Global, a multifaceted project developer, including The Red Sea and Amaala. The company responsible for some of the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations is committed to delivering adventure experiences that are not only thrilling but also sustainable and accessible to all.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy is a globally renowned brand in the realm of survival and adventure. Founded by Bear Grylls, a former member of the British Special Forces and celebrated for his survival television shows, the academy offers an array of courses specifically crafted by Grylls himself.

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A New Chapter In Saudi’s Adventure Tourism

Beyond the domain of thrilling adventures, this partnership bears significance in its commitment to empowering the local community. Red Sea Global dedicates itself to recruiting and training Saudi outdoor enthusiasts. It also imparts the skills necessary for survival and expedition leadership. This noble initiative is poised to generate hundreds of job opportunities for Saudis, thus forging a new industry within the Kingdom.

The arrival of Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Saudi Arabia signifies a monumental milestone in the country’s growing tourism sector. It promises to deliver experiences that seamlessly blend adventure, education, and personal growth. Through this partnership, Red Sea Global further reinforces its unwavering commitment to the creation of inclusive and sustainable tourism experiences that leave an indelible mark.

In summary, the collaboration between Red Sea Global and Bear Grylls Survival Academy is not just about adventure.  It’s about developing a brighter future for Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry. It’s one that embraces all and leaves lasting impressions on all who partake in its offerings.

Cover Image Courtesy:  Red Sea Global/Website