Mangalore Teen Tries To Smuggle Friend Home In Suitcase Amid Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mangalore Teen Tries To Smuggle Friend Home In Suitcase Amid Lockdown

People’s individual desperate needs during this nationwide lockdown have led them to take desperate measures to fulfil these. And as a consequence, bizarre things have been happening, take the incident of a milkman was caught in Delhi trying to smuggle alcohol in milk cartons and a drone was spotted delivering paan masala in Gujarat. Well, to add to the long list of weird situations happening during lockdown, a Mangalore teenager was caught smuggling his friend home in a suitcase amid the lockdown. Reportedly the young boy tried to get creative and smart to defy the lockdown, so he tried to smuggle his friend home by putting him in a suitcase as a way to fool the cops.

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What’s In It?

This weird incident occurred in an apartment complex on Arya Samaj Road in Mangalore, Karnataka. An officer stated to a leading news agency that the teenage boy felt bored being stuck at home due to the lockdown, so he tried to get his friend home for company. He proceeded to do this by pushing him in a suitcase through the apartment security gate. But his neighbours caught him in action since they found the baggage wobbling.

Picture Credits: ANI

Apparently the teenager had earlier seemed permission from his society to permit his friend up into his home. But on denial of his request, he decided to take things in his own hand and get his friend in by hook or by crook. On noticing the bag to be shaking, the residents of the apartment immediately alerted security guards. The residents called the guards to examine the contents of the bad. And when the suitcase was opened, the security guard was shocked to find the boy’s friend squeezed into it. Police were alerted to look into the situation and book the boys for violating the lockdown.

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What’s More?

Once the cat, sorry, boy was let out of the bag, the police didn’t file any case against the two. Both the boys in question were minors. The police sent the friend in the suitcase back home. And they let the boy go. Well, call it friendship or desperation, this definitely makes it to our list of some of the most bizarre lockdown incidents. But we sincerely urge you to stay confined in the comfort of your home, pursue hobbies, learn something new and spend quality time with yourself and your families. Did you know a Kolkata Sweet Shop Prepares Coronavirus Sandesh And People Are Not Pleased?