Maria Goretti Recommends THIS Family-Run Cart In Goa To Relish Homemade Dishes Like Ros Omelette, Rolls & More

From Ros Omelette to Chicken Xacuti, savour the yummiest delicacies here.

by Shreya Ghosh
Maria Goretti Recommends THIS Family-Run Cart In Goa To Relish Homemade Dishes Like Ros Omelette, Rolls & More

Goa; a word that instantly makes every beach lover happy and excited! Despite exploring the coastal state multiple times, travellers love enjoying a short holiday here at any time. Home to lush greenery, pristine beaches, and natural wonders in abundance, Goa is a lot more than just lazing by the seashore and enjoying an energetic nightlife. It is a haven for food lovers. From swanky restaurants to aesthetic cafes to local carts, enjoy magnificent culinary experiences in Goa.

Head To This Food Cart If You Are Craving Homemade Food In Goa

Maria Goretti has a special suggestion for all the foodies out there. If you are exploring Saligao, check out this special recommendation by the TV host.

If you are tired of relishing different cuisines in Goa and wish to savour dishes found locally, you need to visit Eat & Bite in Saligao. From chicken to egg to veg, there are ample options of food items to choose from. The menu of this cart in Goa is very impressive with local delicacies such as Ros Omelette, Chicken Xacuti, Fish Fry, and more.

What makes Eat & Bite special among a huge number of eateries and food carts nestled all around the state? Well, everything served here is homemade and cooked freshly. This tiny joint in Saligaon is run by Ayesha, her husband Robert, and her mother-in-law. They set up the stall and serve lip-smacking delicacies to customers during the evening hours.

If you are in Goa or have plans to visit here, you surely need to visit this cart and indulge in a feast of finger-licking local food. The menu has a variety of choices to select from. If you are unsure about what kind of dishes to taste at this cart in Goa, we are here to help you with a few recommendations.

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What’s On The Menu?

Cart In Goa
Picture credit- Instagram/ TheMariaGorettiCorner (@mariagorettiz)

Eat & Bite’s menu includes the tastiest dishes such as Cafreal Bread, Chicken Crispy Bread, Chicken Fry, Cheese Maggie, and Fish Cutlet among others. If you choose chicken over fish, you may order Chicken Cutlet Breat, Cafreal Bread, Chicken Roll, and Chicken Fajita Wrap. For fish lovers, a visit to this cart in Goa is incomplete without gorging Fish Fry and Fish Cutlet. Also, Goa’s famous Ros Omelette and Chicken Xacuti are a must-try.

You will easily find the food joint diagonally opposite the famous Mae de Deus Church.

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So, will you visit Eat & Bite the next time you are in Goa?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ TheMariaGorettiCorner (@mariagorettiz)

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