Marijuana Cultivation Legalized In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand legalizes marijuana cultivation
by Kritika Kukreja
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Uttarakhand emerges as the first city in India to legalize the cultivation of cannabis!

What Is It?

Used for its medicinal and recreational uses, the cultivation of cannabis in Uttarakhand has been legalized. The State Government has granted the license to the Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) to run a pilot project to grow the hemp fibre over a 1000 hectare area.

The Founder/President of IIHA has taken the assistance of the villagers nearby to create a seed bank initially and then move on to cultivation of the non-narcotic variety of the cannabis plant.  

Uttarakhand legalizes marijuana cultivation

Uttarakhand legalizes marijuana cultivation

What Do We Know?

Unlike most of Europe, USA and China, India wasn’t getting into the industry of marijuana cultivation. India seemed interested, because this is a very profitable industry but they weren’t sure how to proceed with it. With Uttarakhand legalizing it, the crop will be ideal for cultivation for this climate plus water scarcity isn’t going to be an issue for cannabis.

What To Expect?

The IIHA is on a contract for 5 years to cultivate cannabis in Uttarakhand and from 1000 hectares, the area can exceed up to 10,000 hectares. Cannabis will be cultivated for its seed oil and protein powder only and the profit per hectare of land is expected to be ₹3.75 lakh.

Uttarakhand legalizes marijuana cultivation

Uttarakhand legalizes marijuana cultivation


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