Masala Jalebi Made With Coriander & Mustard Seeds Is The Latest Food Crime Online

by Tooba Shaikh
Masala Jalebi Made With Coriander & Mustard Seeds Is The Latest Food Crime Online

Sometimes, you get an idea to do something and then you don’t act on it. We wish more people were like this. In this particular scenario, we have in mind the inventor of ‘masala jalebi’. Monstrosity is the only word that can accurately describe this revolting thing. It is fitting that this Masala Jalebi was introduced to us on Twitter, the micro-blogging website known for its polarising nature. Read on to know more!

Masala Jalebi – No We Don’t Mean Mallika Sherawat

Twitter user Mayur Sejpal posted a photograph of this debased food item with the caption, “Anyone want masala jalebi?” This photograph was posted on December 26th. Since then, it has been making rounds on Twitter and the rest of the internet. The tweet has irked many netizens. A police officer commented that if food crimes were a part of the Indian Penal Code, then the creator would be serving an imprisonment sentence for making that.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, there’s a minority of people on the internet who are intrigued by this phenomenon. A Twitter user commented that they would be interested in trying out this combination of flavours. “Interesting dish! Crisp unsweetened jalebi in curry? Imaginative innovation at its best. Worth trying!” We definitely don’t share this sentiment and we’re not sorry!

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Jalebi Criminal Strikes Again

Evidently, this is not the first time that Twitter user Mayur Sejpal has committed a Jalebi-related atrocity. Prior to this, they posted a video of what was a combination of Jalebis, onions, curd, sev papdi. The Internet called it “Jalebi chaat”, we called it disgusting. We hope that this will be the last jalebi that will be subjected to such mutilation but who knows? The internet loves controversy.

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Would you like to try this bizarre Jalebi? 

Cover Image Credits: @mayursejpal/Twitter