Matheran Railway Station To Soon Get Sleeping Pods Equipped With New Age Facilities! Details Here

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by Shreya Rathod

Inspired by Japan, Indian Railways has taken up the initiative to develop sleeping pods at every station. In fact, after installing them at CSMT in Mumbai, it has turned out to be an alternative for hotels. Now, Indian Railways is going to develop these sleeping pods at Matheran Railway Station as well!

Matheran Railway Station To Soon Get Sleeping Pods!

matheran railway station sleeping pods

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The goal of Indian Railways’ attempt to create “Sleeping Pods” is to improve the passenger experience. Additionally, the action will assist the national transporter in increasing non-fare revenue, which will raise revenues. The development of this new venture will take place at Matheran, a well-known hill resort in the Western Ghats.

The Mumbai Division of Central Railway has administrative control over the Matheran railway station. This modern building had previously been constructed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) railway station. This “Sleeping Pods” or “Pod Hotel” will be built by the railways close to the station. Passengers can choose reasonably priced, high-quality hotels close to the station area itself.

The zonal railway has previously announced an open online tender through e-auction that will be opened on September 25, 2023, for the construction of “Sleeping Pods.” This will be constructed on a space measuring 758.77 square metres. At Matheran station, it will be built using the ‘Built, Operate, and Transfer’ principle.

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The Budget-Friendly Stay At Mumbai’s CSMT

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At Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), Indian Railways had opened the Namah Sleeping Pod Facility. Sleeping pods, an idea that originated in Japan, give visitors access to lodging at prices lower than those of traditional hotels.

These small, air-conditioned pods are 6 feet by 8 feet each and may be stacked on top of one another to save room and increase capacity. The 131.61 square metre Pod Hotel is next to the women’s waiting area of the long-distance concourse of CSMT.

Modern amenities including locker rooms, fire alarms, intercoms, mobile charging stations, and premium restrooms are all included in the state-of-the-art Pod Hotel. This facility offers a total of 40 sleeping capsules, including 30 single pods, 6 double pods, and 4 family pods, along with a separate eating area.

Along with gender-specific shower rooms, the Pod Hotel also includes a luggage room for travellers. Travellers can reserve their pods at the Pod Hotel online, through the smartphone app, or in person by going to the reception.

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A single bed in a sleeping pod will only cost ₹499 for a period of 12 hours. For individuals who are unable to pay the high rates of hotels in south Mumbai, this is a game-changer.

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