Mauritius With Your Munchkins; The Perfect Beach Vacay!

by Akriti Seth
Mauritius With Your Munchkins; The Perfect Beach Vacay!

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Flora-fauna, pristine beaches & ice-cream. Watch #InAMinute video of our Lil’ Z, and you’ll know that it is one of the most child-friendly beach destinations.

Why Mauritius?

Travel is fun. With friends, with family, with family and friends. But how about traveling with kids?

Hello cute cuddles and their mothers and fathers, isn’t all always a task to keep this little devil occupied, especially while you travel. You don’t want much ‘bhe! bhe! and mumma! mumma!’ and Dad’s don’t want to be taken away from their iPads and cold coffee.

Mauritius is a place where you can go around and explore the island, unlike Maldives, where you are confined to your resort.  You have a number of activities and places to see to keep your children engaged. Let’s see how.

What Can Your Kids Do Here?

1. Beaches

With a number of pristine beaches, this island is sheer heaven for our li’l sculptors. Yeah, the calm seas and the pure white clean sand gives children an environment to get more creative with the sand. Build sand castles, dig up holes or just hop around on the waves (Adult supervision would be helpful)

2. Casela National Park
The Casela Nature & Leisure Park is located in the western part of Mauritius between Flic en Flac and Tamarin. A wonderful wildlife reserve where your kids can get even more closer to the fauna. Take a ride with the huge tortoises, have breakfast with the majestically beautiful peacocks or say a hello to the ostriches. Well, if you are brave enough, you can even walk with the lions. Some memorabilia for the li’l ones. Isn’t it?
3. Vanilla Crocodile Park

Situated in the south of Mauritius is Vanilla Crocodile Park. The green and lush jungle facility not only houses crocodiles but is also a home to monkeys, giant turtles and bats as well. What more? You don’t just get to see crocodiles but eat them as well.

Tip: Carry a few bananas and you can make friends with these giant turtles.

4. Spot Dolphins In Tamarin Bay

Spinner and bottlenose dolphins play in the bay off the west coast of Mauritius. Catamaran cruises leave regularly from Tamarin Beach and Le Morne, but make sure you choose a sustainable operator that does not harass or crowd the dolphins. A half-day trip may also include a barbecue lunch and snorkeling off Île aux Benitiers.

5. Kids Area & Swimming Pools

Well, you can sip on your cocktail sitting at the resorts in Mauritius with no worries as each resort here has an assigned kid’s area. They can go around jumping on a trampoline of play inside the jungle jim. Many many options in the resort itself. The resorts in Mauritius also have swimming pools where kids can take a dip and play around.

6. L’Aventure du Sucre, Pamplemousse

Pamplemousses offers two tourist sites namely the botanical garden and also a very informative and interactive museum set up in an old sugar cane factory. Kids will certainly love the entire interactive workshops and it’s informative as well. You should so take your kids there for a very sugary experience.

7. Ice-Cream Vans

Oh! Yes! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. Mauritius certainly has the most beautiful and colourful vans for ice-creams. Not just kids but adults enjoy them just as much. Check out our Lil’ Z have ice-cream in Mauritius and oh my god! that joy on her face is just breath-taking.

I guess that’s the few things I could list down & for parents with tiny tots, this sure will be very helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below if there are other things lil ones would enjoy in Mauritius.

Mauritius With Kids #InAMinute | Curly Tales

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