Meet Moana, Elsa, Mickey And More Characters, As Disney On Ice Returns To Boulevard Riyadh City

Disney On Ice
by Deeplata Garde

Get ready to embark on a journey of wonder and enchantment as “Disney on Ice Presents 100 Years Of Wonders” returns to Riyadh Boulevard. Mark your calendars for August 24, 2023, if you are a Disney enthusiast. With its captivating performances, breathtaking choreography, and beloved characters, this unforgettable experience promises to be a highlight of the year for families.

Let’s Skate To Riyadh Boulevard To Witness Magic


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“Disney on Ice” has always been celebrated for its ability to entertain audiences of all ages, making it a perfect outing for families, friends, and Disney enthusiasts alike. Children will be awestruck by the dazzling costumes and the chance to see their favourite characters up close. Parents and adults will appreciate the nostalgic journey through the Disney classics. It gives them a chance of reliving their cherished memories while creating new ones with their kids.

As the sun sets over Riyadh Boulevard on August 24th, families and Disney enthusiasts will gather to witness the spectacular union of beloved Disney characters and the graceful elegance of ice skating. “Disney on Ice” is famous for its ability to transport audiences into the fantastical worlds of Disney classics. And this year’s show is no exception.

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Get Enchanted With A Bewitching Line Up With Disney On Ice


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Imagine watching Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” glide gracefully across the ice, reliving her journey from under the sea to the human world. Picture the beloved characters of “Frozen” as they twirl and glide amidst an icy wonderland, accompanied by the iconic melodies of “Let It Go” and other memorable songs. From the wild jungles of “The Lion King” to the timeless beauty of “Beauty and the Beast,” audiences will witness their favourite stories come to life. All of this in a magical display of artistry and imagination on Ice.

The show promises a spellbinding experience that combines the magic of Disney characters with the artistry of ice skating. After a long hiatus, the beloved show is once again ready to captivate audiences with its unforgettable blend of entertainment, storytelling, and mesmerizing performances.

So, secure your tickets, and skate into the magical world of Disney. Let your dreams come true on a glistening sheet of ice in Riyadh this August.

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