Meeting Global Heartfulness Guide At World’s Largest Meditation Centre In Hyderabad

by Curly Tales Desk

Meditating is no more a luxury in today’s world, but rather a need. But to understand how to meditate the right way our Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani visited the Kanha Shanti Valam in Hyderabad to meet the global Heartfulness guide, Padmabhushan Kamleshji Patel lovingly called Daaji and spoke to him about his journey, his inspiration, how Heartfulness meditation is different from other meditation and a lot more.

Nestled amidst the silence of trees, with lots of peace & calm, Heartfulness in Hyderabad is the world’s largest international meditation center accommodating over 1 lakh meditators. So if you’re looking for a place to connect with yourself and others, to find inner peace and harmony, come and experience Heartfulness meditation at Kanha Shanti Vanam in Hyderabad. Heartfulness meditation sessions are free of charge and open to everyone. You can take a one to one virtual session with Certified Heartfulness Trainer from the app – Heartfulness, available on Android & Apple store.