Meghalaya Has A Whistling Village Where Every Resident’s Name Is A Song

by Suchismita Pal
Meghalaya Has A Whistling Village Where Every Resident’s Name Is A Song

India has so many awe-inspiring cultures that a single lifetime doesn’t seem to be enough to learn about each of them. One such unique culture exists in Kongthong, one of the remote villages in Meghalaya.  A very interesting part about this village is that people here communicate with each other by singing. What’s more fascinating is that the name of every resident in this village is a tune. No wonder, Kongthong is known as the Whistling Village.

Conversing Through Melodies!

Kongthong is one of the many hidden gems in Meghalaya with secluded roads cutting through the valley flanked by table-top mountains, waterfalls and pine trees. The lush green expanses of Kongthong can be a treat to sore eyes. But other than the scenic beauty, what attracts more about Kongthong is its striking culture. It is said that when a baby is born in this village, whatever tune comes out of the heart of the mother becomes the child’s name. And this practice is indeed heart-touching. When you visit the village, you’ll hear less talking and more melodies. When these melodies blend with the chirrups of birds, the symphony created can leave anybody mesmerised.

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Kongthong Traveller’s Nest: Most Ideal Place To Stay In The Whistling Village

In the village, there used to be a belief in primitive times that if people going into the forest call each other by names, an apocalyptic character would know them and follow them to their homes, harming their families. Irrespective of the belief, the whistling system is there in the remote village even today. One of the most ideal places to stay in the Whistling Village is the Kongthong Traveller’s Nest, which is a stunning bamboo cottage. The cottage has a fireplace too and is a stellar location for stargazing. The locals are very heartwarming, which adds to the beauty of the village.

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A stay in the Whistling Village for a couple of days will be a rejuvenating experience for your soul with pristine pastoral landscapes all around, calming resonances and comforting weather. The village is around 2 hours drive via road from Shillong.