Men, Take Notes! Sachin Tendulkar Has A Marriage Advice For You

by Mallika Khurana
Men, Take Notes! Sachin Tendulkar Has A Marriage Advice For You

Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly a record-breaking cricketer thanks to his numerous honours and the unwavering support of cricket fans. Even though the renowned athlete retired from the sport, he never left people’s hearts. Over the course of his lengthy cricket career, his utter dedication, passion, and willpower have won the hearts of many. On the 100th Sunday Brunch episode, he spoke with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, about his upbringing, his future plans, and so much more. See the video to find out more!

Sachin Tendulkar Spilled The Secret To His Happy Married Life

1995 marked the year of Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar’s nuptials. They have a blissful marriage and we wanted to know more about it. The secret to their happy lives as a couple was the first one on our minds, and hence, we asked him if he had any marriage advice for everyone. Quite instantly, he shared that ‘They (the partner) are never wrong’ is the mantra to everlasting happiness. That is some seasoned and sound advice, and everyone should make a note of it!

Further, Sachin told us more about his amazing Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, a great initiative that works towards the development of children. Education, Health, and Sport are the three verticals they work on. He also shared that the team is doing a wonderful job.

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He Has Habits And Not Superstitions

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After hearing his philosophy on life and the value of experiences, we inquired about any rituals or superstitions he may have had while playing. Athletes, he claimed, would never acknowledge having superstitions; instead, they would refer to their routines as habits.

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When he went onto the field for a game, he was used to putting on the left leg’s pad first. He also made it a point that no members of his family would attend any of his live games. He acknowledged that his brother frequently observed his matches at the stadium, but he always took care to keep Sachin from seeing him. Even his wife hardly ever showed up to any of his matches over the years.

Discover more about Sachin Tendulkar’s other life revelations by watching the episode!

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