Mercedes India CEO Hitches Auto After Car Gets Stuck In Traffic; Netizens Say ‘Welcome To India’

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mercedes India CEO Hitches Auto After Car Gets Stuck In Traffic; Netizens Say ‘Welcome To India’

What’s the fastest way to reach your destination in India? Hitch an auto rickshaw of course! Skillfully slithering through traffic, and artistically moving across pothole-riddled roads at top speed — an auto rickshaw is your answer to reaching anywhere on time, especially during peak hours. And it’s not just us. Even, Mercedes India CEO Martin Schwenk thinks so.

Mercedes India CEO Martin Schwenk Takes Auto To Reach On Time

The CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, Martin Schwenk took to Instagram to share his peak India moment. Schwenk was travelling in Pune, in his Mercedes-S class of course! But traffic played spoilsport to his plans. And his luxurious car got stuck in traffic. That’s when the Mercedes India CEO decided that ‘when in India, be like the Indians’. So, he left his Mercedes-S class. And hitched an auto instead.

Trust auto rickshaws to always save the day! He shared a picture of his auto rickshaw experience. His caption read “If your S-class is stuck in traffic on the wonderful Pune roads – what do you do? Maybe getting off the car, start walking for a few KM’s and then grabbing a rickshaw?”


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Netizens Hail Him For His Quick Thinking

Ever since he posted this picture and shared his traffic experience, Netizens enjoyed a hearty laugh. Punekars welcomed him to their city. And to the city’s traffic scene of course! Someone suggested he relish a vada pav during his commute. And others hailed him for his down-to-earth behaviour and for thinking on his feet.

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Well, this story proves that no one can escape India’s crazy traffic. Not even Mercedes India CEO Martin Schwenk. But as long as we have autos, our backup plan to reach our destinations on time is sorted.

News Source: India Today

Cover Image Courtesy: martins_masala/ India