Delhi Airport Is India’s First 5G-Ready Airport; Welcome To The Future!

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi Airport Is India’s First 5G-Ready Airport; Welcome To The Future!

The entire world is evolving digitally with massive advancements in technology. Our lives are dependent on various technology and the daily use of the Internet is the biggest example of that. And to make the experience of doing anything and everything online seamless, Delhi airport is coming with something that no one has ever witnessed in the history of Indian airports.

Delhi Airport Is India’s First 5G-Ready Airport!

Indira Gandhi International Airport is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most crowded Indian airports. And now this airport is the first in the country to launch 5G and become India’s first 5G-ready airport. It is indeed a very proud moment! Now the passengers will be able to surf the Internet using the best and most advanced mobile service very soon. Using 5G inside the Delhi airport will begin after the Telecom Service Providers roll it out.

According to a report by the Economic Times, the officials shared that the passengers with a 5G enabled mobile and SIM card will get to experience great signal and proper connectivity inside the airport. Needless to say, the data speed is going to be way faster. As shared by the officials, everyone can avail of the services at the domestic departures, international arrivals, baggage areas, and more places inside the Delhi airport.

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Delhi Airport
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

Once the telecom service providers roll out the 5G technology, not only the passengers, but the crowd in the GMR Aerocity will get to experience faster services. In comparison to the existing Wi-Fi facilities in Delhi airport, the passengers will get to experience about 20 times faster data speed.

Experience Quicker Speed Like Never Before!

The benefits of 5G services are endless. According to a report by the Indian Express, the officials of the Delhi International Airport Limited shared that the 5G network will help in faster downloads, no buffering while streaming online, seamless experience in 3D gaming, great VR experiences, very high-density connectivity, and intense coverage everywhere.

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The demand for flight tickets and tourist footfalls is increasing in every airport. And with more and more crowds, the demand for faster Internet speed and proper bandwidth is increasing as well. The 5G network will now be able to solve all their demands when it comes to better mobile services. This will help in enhancing everyone’s experience with better connectivity. Airports will also find 5G extremely helpful. They will be able to start optimising new technology such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, and more.

Now that you will get great connectivity in Delhi Airport very soon, are you excited to upload the mandatory hand mudras of the T3 terminal on your social media?

Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons