Meri Ice Cream Mein Chai Hai! Foodies, Have You Heard Of Chaiscream?

by Sanmita A
Meri Ice Cream Mein Chai Hai! Foodies, Have You Heard Of Chaiscream?

Chai is one of India’s favourite beverages; be it winter or summer, you will find people sipping on a cup of chai. Indians, basically, need no reason to sip on a cup of tea. The street food scenario in India is fast developing, with people experimenting and serving the best and strangest of dishes. And this has sort of become a trend. On social media, we every day come across tons of videos where people come up with weird food combinations. And in this post, we are going to tell you about a similar story —

Mixing Chai & Ice Cream

Chai and ice cream are two different items, and in a recent social media post, we spotted chai and ice cream being mixed. The ice cream, which itself is loved by people, is combined to create the ‘chaiscream’. First, the person pours a cup of chai into the cooling machine to make the ice cream. The ice cream is then scraped into the rolls and then served with a generous amount of chocolate syrup. The post was shared by a Facebook account named Mi_nashikkar_. The post has received a huge number of likes and comments.

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Chaiscream — Here’s What The Internet Thinks

Well, such bizarre combinations of foods are hardly welcomed by the Internet. And, in this case, it is the same. Many people didn’t take the concept of Chaiscream very considerably. While some said the combination might be a little difficult to digest, some were super bothered with such a weird combo – Chai and ice cream. And some were even amazed by the idea of how these two dishes could have been combined.

Like usual, this street food combo was ridiculed, and some were definitely upon for trying the same. Nonetheless, what do you think of this combination of chai and ice cream?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels