Micro-cations Are The Newest Trend And Here’s Why You Need To Join The Bandwagon

by Sanjana Shenoy
Micro-cations Are The Newest Trend And Here’s Why You Need To Join The Bandwagon

As the clock ticks away, we wonder’ When is Friday coming?’ And like every week, it always seems that the weekends are like hot chocolate that glides down your throat and disappears, while the weekdays are like the karela you ate for dinner, but you can still taste the next morning. Taking vacations too isn’t easy. Getting a week off is a challenge with the pending workload, and then to add the long list of expenses and planning, and before you know it, a vacation becomes another chore or activity. So what does one go for some peace and leisure and unpack the stress of the weekdays? Well, the answer is small, or should we say micro. Micro-cations are the latest travel trend, and let’s tell you why you need to join the bandwagon.

What’s In It? 

For those who are looking to let loose here is a way for you. Micro-cations are fun and also most ‘in’ right now all around the world. Let’s explain. Micro-cation is any leisure trip that is fewer than five days. For the skeptics, yes the idea of taking short vacations is nothing new but what makes micro-cation feel like a trend is that travelers are choosing multiple mini-vacations over the more conventional week-long leisure trips. Also, anyone who loves to travel would always prefer to visit more places in a year with better budgets and come back ready and charged to face the grind. This is one of the main advantages of micro-cations.

These short vacations are a great way not just for the middle-aged workforce who cannot afford a long vacation due to work commitments but also for millennials who have just started planting their roots in their respective careers, for the money, is always the main concern. With micro-cations, anyone can easily plan a short trip in a budget and get to experience a new place and find a piece of themselves they have missed a lot.

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What’s More?

Another important pointer to note is that in India as across the world, many people have not taken any vacation for more than a year. Excruciating work hours, family commitments, etc always prioritize themselves above some personal time. With micro-cations, families can now take a more positive alternative instead of taking zero vacation time. So you may be saving for your wedding or college or even your home, it is still important to find time out from the busy schedule and just get off the race. However little or ‘micro’ the time available, it is always important to reconnect with friends, family and leave all the worries behind. So if you’re planning a micro-cation, here are some long weekend to check out and make your plans.

Ways To Plan A Micro-cation

So if you’d like to plan a micro-cation, then do keep in mind the following points. Planning is everything. So having a solid plan means that over a course of your scheduled trip, you have saved enough to enjoy yourself without worrying about the cash crunch. Always choose to drive to a location. It will save you a ton of money and the rich experience is just a bonus. Consider booking a hotel in your hometown, hang out by the pool and frequent local places of interest. Did you know Not Using Your Vacation Days Makes You Less Productive At Work, Say Experts?

Plan a day trip to a place in your state that you have been itching to go but haven’t had time, it can be a hike or a picnic. You choose. Sometimes vacationing at home is the vacation you want. Take time out for some activity like gardening or painting or simply do what you secretly love- sleep. All this writing is sure making me itch for my vacation and I am sure it is itching you too. So let the vacation bug bite you as you plan a nice micro-cation and relax like you never have before. Yes, it is possible. And if you liked this travel trend then here are Top Travel Trends Of 2020!