Min Temjen Imna Along Finally Finds The Maths Guy Who Buys 1000 Oranges For No Reason

temjen imna along
by Sanjana Shenoy

If you ever want great travel and food information about Nagaland specifically, Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along is the man to follow on Twitter. The minister often tweets pictures and shares videos of authentic Naga dishes, popular street food markets and more, with the wittiest captions. And now, Temjen Imna Along has finally found the Maths guy who buys 1000 oranges for no reason. Check it out.

Min Temjen Imna Along Finds Maths Guy Who Has 1000 Oranges For No Reason

The Tourism & Higher Education Minister of Nagaland, Temjen Imna Along tweeted a hilarious photo with a super relatable caption. The photo shows a car filled with oranges from the inside. The dickey and the seats have oodles of oranges, almost spilling out of the car. In the caption, Temjen Imna Along mentions that he finally found the guy from our Maths textbooks who bought 1000 oranges for absolutely no reason.

We’re glad he finally did! Isn’t it a valid question while solving Math problems, we’d often wonder why would anyone buy so many oranges. Also, what would the man do with it, apart from making our lives miserable? Netizens pounced at the chance to share their hilarious opinions in the comments section. @SHAHSUDH speculates it could be the Math teacher himself, still using the old Fiat.

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Twitteratis Flood Comments Section With Witty Opinions

Twitterati, @Gauravgautamsah guesses the car has around 5000 oranges in it. Wild guess, right? @pkch0udhary says that now we may have to extract the juice of 250 oranges and then calculate its ratio. No, thanks, people! @AjayFantom tells Minister Temjen Imna Along to not let that guy go as he needs to take his revenge yet. @Agnoup says that perhaps this man is taking this car filled with oranges to feed 1000 kids.

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@vengabond05 pretty much gives this Maths guy a run for his money. The Twitterati says finally when we’re asked what he end up with, the answer is that he gets featured in Minister Temjen Imna Along’s tweet. 

Are you glad the Minister finally found the dreaded guy in our Maths textbooks?

Cover Image Courtesy: @AlongImna/ Twitter