Minions Welcome Back French Movie Buffs After Lockdown

French cinephiles going back to the theatres had a pleasant surprise waiting inside the auditorium. Movie theatres in France reopened for the general public on June 22, 2020. On the first day, those who visited MK2 cinema in the south of Paris found many adorable minions occupying seats at specific intervals. They were dressed in their iconic goggles and dungarees. As you might have already guessed, the purpose behind placing these minions on the seats was to ensure social distancing among the viewers. Read on!

French Theatre Used Minions To Ensure Social Distancing

France was in lockdown since the month of March to mitigate the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Now, as the number of active cases have slowed down, the country is gradually reopening in a phased manner. Adhering to the relaxed guidelines, cinemas and casinos in France opened up a couple of days ago. The pill-shaped, bright yellow toys, wearing blue dungarees added a gleeful vibe inside the theatre. In fact, the theatre was also showing ‘Minions’, the 2015 American computer-animated comedy film. They were strategically arranged to ensure that there was at least one seat free between two viewers. As per reports, the theatres received a good number of audiences on the very first day of the matinee screenings.


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The minions had also appeared in a public service announcement, created by teaming up with WHO, where they urged people to wash hands and keep safe distances from others. Also, France had urged people to stop kissing each other due to coronavirus.


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Other Quirky Social Distancing Measures

This was one of the several quirky ways employed all across the world to ensure social distancing among the people. A few days before, a cafe in Dubai had introduced giant teddy bears to indicate the seats that cannot be used, and at the same time spread cheer. Also, the owner of a German cafe is using pool-noodle hats to make sure that her customers keep adequate distances from one another.


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According to worldometer, the total number of cases in France till date is around 161, 267. Out of them, about 104,591 cases are already closed. Presently, the number of active cases in France is nearly 56,676. The country is eventually recovering from the pandemic, thanks to the constant efforts of the doctors, sanitization workers and other frontliners. On that note, did you know about this minion themed sandwich shop in Bangalore?


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