Ministry Of Tourism’s Virtual Tour Of Chhattisgarh To Offer Breathtaking Views

by Suchismita Pal
Ministry Of Tourism’s Virtual Tour Of Chhattisgarh To Offer Breathtaking Views

The Ministry of Tourism ( MoT) had recently conducted the 30th session of Dekho Apna Desh webinar series, in which it had showcased the marvellous  ‘Hidden Treasures of Chhattisgarh’. The session had begun with the introductory remarks of P. Anbalagan, the Tourism Secretary of the Government of Chhattisgarh and  Rupinder Brar,  Additional Director General, MoT. The three presenters of the webinar were the founder of Unexplored Bastar, Jeet Singh Arya, the founder of Icecubes Holidays, Jaspreet Singh Bhatia and blogger Thommen Jose. Read on to know the details.

A Virtual Tour Of Chhattisgarh By The Ministry Of Tourism

In the webinar, Jaspreet Singh Bhatia threw light upon the immense tourism potential of the ninth largest state in India. The virtual tour took the viewers through the numerous natural wonders of the state, its cultural wealth, the rich heritage and festivals. As a state, Chhattisgarh is comparatively new. It came into existence on November 1, 2020. Earlier, the region used to belong to Madhya Pradesh.

Yesterday's webinar in ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ series organised jointly by Ministry of Tourism, GoI and Government of…

Chhattisgarh Tourism यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, १० जून, २०२०


Around 44 percent of Chhattisgarh has forest cover. The state has three national parks, 11 wildlife sanctuaries and one biosphere reserve. It is also the country’s ‘greenest state’. Nearly 34 percent of the population in Chhattisgarh belongs to the tribal culture.

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Chhattisgarh Has Many Vivacious Waterfalls And Three Shaktipeeths

Chhattisgarh is home to one of the most picturesque waterfalls of India, the Chitrakote Waterfalls. It is also known as the Niagara Falls of India. Other gushing waterfalls of the state include Pawai, Machli and Amritdhara. Apart from these, Chhattisgarh has three shaktipeeths- Sheorinarayan, Rajim and Champaranya. The state is renowned for its iconic handicrafts, comprising decorative items carved out of terracotta, bell metal and wrought iron. The viewers of the webinar had the opportunity to treat their eyes on these amazeballs.

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Breathtaking Bastar

Bastar, located in the southern part of Chhattisgarh, is much underrated when it comes to tourism. Jeet Singh tried to focus on this unexplored destination through the webinar. There are over 15 waterfalls in the district of Bastar. It also has one of the largest group of caves in India, the Kotumsar caves. The world’s longest festival, Bastar Dussehra is commemorated for 75 days. Also, artisans of Bastar use an ancient method, known as the  lost wax technique, for handicrafts. What’s more, the place also boasts of the world’s third-largest statue of Lord Ganesha, made of a single sandstone. The virtual tour also highlighted on the 12000-year-old cave paintings of the Bastar region. Meanwhile, you can also read about another beautiful expanse of greenery, the jungles of Similipal in Odisha.

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Other Lesser-Known Places In Chhattisgarh

Apart from the above destinations, the state of Chhattisgarh has many more gems, which were brought to light by the author and blogger Thommen Jose. He showcased spots like the 7th-century temple complex of Dipadih and the megalithic burial site Karkabhat. The author also took the audience through the stunning ornamentation works of Sonabai, the age-old campus and tribal education system Ghotul and tribal games like cockfighting. On that note, here are some deets about eight secluded beaches in India.

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The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) had created The National e-Governance Division (NeGD). NeGD has been providing technical assistance to the tourism ministry for conducting the Dekho Apna Desh Webinars. The ministry has already conducted virtual tours of Delhi, Kolkata, Mamallapuram, Ladakh, North-East India, Pondicherry and many more destinations. You can watch all the previous sessions on YouTube by clicking here. On that note, here are the top 15 international travel experiences in India.