Mir Afsar Ali Shares A Beautiful Encounter With A Swiggy Delivery Person; Netizens Find It Inspirational

by Tejashee Kashyap
Mir Afsar Ali Shares A Beautiful Encounter With A Swiggy Delivery Person; Netizens Find It Inspirational

There are several warriors who are working hard every day, who are overcoming the odds with lightning speed. Despite the challenges they face, they can still work and have successful careers. The story of such a warrior was presented by Mir Afsar Ali, the renowned Indian radio personality.

Mir Salutes This Swiggy Delivery Person


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Recording the video, Mir said, “This brother of mine came to deliver food today and wanted to take a selfie with me. After I took the picture he thanked me and I immediately extended my right hand. Needless to say, there are many people around us who make excuses for not working. There’s a lot going on in the life of physical handicaps, but you’re still working. I must salute the work you are doing with honour and dignity.”

The delivery boy working at Swiggy, whose name was Tilak, came to deliver food to Mir’s house. However, the gentleman’s right hand was missing. Yet, he was still working hard and earning in an honest way. Mir uploaded the video of this humble man on social media and netizens poured it with love.

However, the delivery boy listened to all of this in silence. He was listening to those words with his heart. Sharing this video, Mir wrote, “Right hand or left hand, which one will you leave? Or will you make an excuse?” After thanking Mir, he finally left. He always had a smile on his face. Mir’s efforts have been applauded by his fans. Some say that they are our inspiration, while others say that people should learn from them.

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Here Are Some More Similar Inspirational Instances

Mir Afsar Ali
Image credits: Instagram/Mir Afsar Ali

Some years back, in a similar instance, a video of a Zomato delivery guy with a disability delivering food had gone viral on social media. Then, there was a Swiggy delivery guy seen delivering food on his hand-powered tricycle. Many people then shared the photo on social media for inspiration.

Part of the reason why the differently-abled community still remains unemployed is that there’s a huge misconception that the community is just not employable. That’s just not true. And here are these great stories of all the amazing things that people who are differently-abled can do.

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