Mleiha In Sharjah Offers A Dazzling Stargazing And Bonfire Experience

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Mleiha In Sharjah Offers A Dazzling Stargazing And Bonfire Experience

Are you an astronomy fanatic? Do you have a thing for stargazing? Or do you consider it a pastime? The Mleiha Archaeological Centre in Sharjah is a one-stop-shop for you. To calm your experience, a leading tourism and leisure destination is available. One can literally explore the night sky from the comfort of one’s own home!

A location dedicated to providing you with a one-of-a-kind adventure. A perfect example would be stargazing in the desert. Bliss! An overnight stargazing camp in the desert is one of the many activities offered by Mleiha’s archaeological centre. It costs around Dh250 per person, with an additional Dh65 per person for dinner. Overall, it cost roughly Dh1,500 for a family of five to stay for a night. A cosy tent for a relaxing night! A carpet with pillows on which to lie down and relax! In addition, there’s another carpet with a supper table! There’s also a bonfire in the middle with folding chairs all around it! You must not agree with us that Mleiha is inextricably linked to astronomy!

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Live It Up The Exclusive Mobile Stargazing Experience At Mleiha

Enjoy the enthralling experience of camping beneath the skies. A dune buggy ride, a BBQ meal, stargazing, and a filling breakfast are all on the menu. There’s also a guarantee of a real desert experience. These memories, on the other hand, are certain to last a lifetime! Enjoy a stargazing adventure with knowledgeable experts at the location. View numerous planets, including Mars, the Moon, and Jupiter. In fact, it’s perfect with a steaming cup of Moroccan tea, such as Pahwa or Karak. WOAH! Also, did you know that it has introduced a one-of-a-kind mobile stargazing experience’ for groups of up to 20 people? So, the Mleiha mobile stargazing experience entails bringing an HD telescope and a professional guide to the place of the guests’ choosing. Isn’t it incredible?

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What To See In The Night Sky This Year

In addition, I’ve included a dazzling upgrade for you. Venus is prominently visible from Earth throughout November 2021, following its peak elongation on October 29. This is a wonderful time for Southern Hemisphere skywatchers to look for Venus. Try November 6th evening, when the moon will be a very thin crescent. A new moon rises barely above the horizon. Absolute tranquilly! The moon will be a broader crescent by the evening of November 7. Setting later than the sun and quite close to Venus. On the evenings of November 7 and 8, 2021, those in the north will be able to observe the moon pass by Venus. Binoculars may be used to place the moon and Venus in the same area for a unique view. What’s more, guess what? On the moon’s night side, you’ll also notice earthshine, a curious radiance. Isn’t that what we refer to as a colourful cherry on top?

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