Monsoon Is Here & Ratan Tata Has Shared An Important Monsoon Tip Involving Strays

by Shreya Ghosh
Monsoon Is Here & Ratan Tata Has Shared An Important Monsoon Tip Involving Strays

The rainy season might look so romantic, aesthetic, and beautiful in Bollywood movies and music videos but the reality is far different sometimes. There are so many obstacles and problems that come with the monsoon season. Be it waterlogged streets, dirty water entering people’s houses, or even becoming a reason for accidents, the rainy season can turn violent at times. Ratan Tata has a special message related to strays in this season.

Ratan Tata Tweeted An Useful Tip To Protect Strays In The Rainy Season

Taking to social media, the Indian industrialist pens down a note where he emphasises some of our driving habits, especially in times of monsoons.

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We stay safe and secure inside our homes during downpours and thunderstorms but the scenario is exactly the opposite for dogs and cats on roads. To save themselves from the harsh weather, these stray animals often take shelter under cars parked in different places. And Ratan Tata shared how we need to follow a specific step before turning on our vehicles. He stated about the importance of checking under our cars before turning them on. The former chairman of Tata Sons asked everyone to just check under the cars before accelerating them. A simple gesture like this can save a lot of unwanted injuries to the strays protecting themselves.

He shared how driving without noticing the animals under our cars can become the reason for the strays’ deaths as well. Ratan Tata also added that offering these cats and dogs temporary shelter in the monsoon season is a heartwarming gesture.

Netizens Are Agreeing With This Amazing & Powerful Idea!

Checking under our cars before starting driving it is such a simple yet impactful gesture. It is a great way to avoid any harsh injuries or accidents to those stray cats and dogs under the cars. After Ratan Tata tweeted about this useful tip, Twitterati started pouring their responses under the tweet. They are impressed with this impactful and kind gesture.

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If you also own a car, make sure to take a look under your car before you start driving it on the road.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Ratan N. Tata (@RNTata2000)