Monsoon Travel Trend: Bus Bookings By Solo Female Travellers Increase; Night Trips See A Rise

by Shreya Ghosh
Monsoon Travel Trend: Bus Bookings By Solo Female Travellers Increase; Night Trips See A Rise

Many of us often take vacations and reach our destinations by travelling on buses. And as days are passing, the experiences are evolving with smoother journeys. Many travel enthusiasts have selected buses as their mode of transportation this monsoon season. There have been some specific changes in bus bookings and choices among tourists and here are some interesting travel trends data to check out.

Number Of Bus Bookings By Solo Female Travellers Are Seeing A Spike!

Bus Bookings
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Travel enthusiasts are exploring beautiful destinations all around India this monsoon season. Buses have always been a significant mode of transportation and here are some monsoon travel trends to take note of.

AbhiBus, a leading online bus-ticketing platform, shared in a press release about witnessing a great rise in bus bookings made by female travellers. Considering the platform’s overall bookings, 30 per cent are done by female tourists. This is surely a significant rise as the percentage in 2022 was just 17.

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Buses are becoming a convenient travel option for solo female travellers as well. The number of bookings by these tourists witnessed a notable increase this month. In comparison to the last month, the demand for travelling on buses has recorded a great climb in the last 2 weeks.

  • 2.5x rise in Salem to Kanyakumari
  • 1.3x in Bengaluru to Gokarna
  • 1.2x in Bengaluru to Munnar
  • 3x in Mumbai to Lonavala
  • 3.5x in Bengaluru to Goa
  • 1.2x in Hyderabad to Araku
  • 5x in Delhi to Manali

These changes clearly show the demand by solo female travellers and how bus journeys are affordable and convenient as well.

Here Are Some Updates Of This Year’s Monsoon Travel Trends:

Bus Bookings
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This rainy season is recording a huge demand in exploring different parts of India. Bus bookings are also seeing the rise as more people are choosing road transportation this year. A primary reason for this is the expensive flight tickets.

These touristy cities have seen massive growth this monsoon season:

  • Jaisalmer (2.5x)
  • Kodaikanal (3.5x)
  • Lonavala (1.8x)
  • Pondicherry (1.3x)
  • Shillong (2x)
  • Udaipur (2x)
  • Wayanad (3x)

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These touristy cities have seen a great rise in bus bookings this monsoon season:

  • Rishikesh (105%)
  • Gorakhpur (76%)
  • Vijayawada (61%)
  • Visakhapatnam (57%)
  • Ongole (71%)
  • Coimbatore (59%)
  • Madurai (61%)
  • Rajkot (88%)
  • Adilabad (76%)
  • Bellary (54%)

Here’s Why Night Trips Are More In Demand:

Travelling in AC buses during the night is a trend this season. The night is surely a great time to avoid unnecessary traffic jams and travel right after wrapping up office or college or school work without taking a leave.

There are more tourist destinations that reported great numbers of bus bookings. The list of these places includes both bustling touristy places to devotional cities. Some of these destinations are Goa, Shimla, Kochi, Manali, Shirdi, Tirupati, Madurai, and Sabarimala.

Have you taken a trip this monsoon yet?

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