Moscow To Dubai One-Way Ticket Is Almost  $ 5,000

by Deeplata Garde
Moscow To Dubai One-Way Ticket Is Almost  $ 5,000

With the cheapest month to fly to Dubai arriving, the scenario seems to be changing. A basic economy class ticket to Dubai from Russia would cost you around $ 350 this season. But the price on Moscow to Dubai rose to a whopping amount of $ 5000 recently. The announcement by Putin on 21st September brought up these changes with immediate effect.

Reason Behind The Surge In Tickets Prices On This Route

Moscow To Dubai
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Putin’s Mobilization announcement has put airline demand on a high note. One-way flights out of Russia surged in cost and quickly sold out as males of military age attempted to escape the country. The reason behind young men trying to escape happened due to Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering the urgent call-up of 300,000 reservists. After Putin’s address, some ticket prices became reportedly nine times higher than they would typically be.

Flights From Russia Surged In General

In the days following the news, airfares out of Russia generally increased in price. Satellite imagery and a video were posted on news sources and social media. It shows miles-long traffic jams on Russian territory with Kazakhstan, Finland, Georgia, and other nations. The government of Kazakhstan reported receiving close to 100,000 Russians in the previous week. But Russian tourists and expats love the UAE, and Dubai in particular.

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What Are The Current Airfares From Moscow To Dubai?

The least expensive flights to Dubai on Wednesday would cost you 300,000 roubles (about $ 5,000). This amount sums up to five times more than the monthly salary in Russia.

According to the websites of UAE airlines Emirates and FlyDubai, one-way economy tickets currently cost between $ 2,577 and $ 4,773 between September 28 and October 26.  The second-largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg, had nonstop flights to Dubai for about $ 2,600.

On Etihad Airways, economy travel from Moscow to Abu Dhabi costs about $ 3,000.

One-way tickets to Turkey can cost up to 70,000 roubles ($ 1,150) but they aren’t available. These prices were little more than 22,000 roubles a week ago.

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