Mother’s Wax Cafe For Rooftop Views In Kolkata

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Mother’s Wax Cafe For Rooftop Views In Kolkata

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Mother’s Wax Cafe is an ideal spot in Kolkata to witness stunning panoramic views of the city and savour delicious food.

What Is It?

Situated atop Mother’s Wax Museum in Kolkata, this cafe makes for splendid to views to catch up on while gorging on amazing food and having a relaxing day gazing out into the infinity of the blue sky.

What’s In It?

The Mother’s Wax Cafe is not to be missed for its views that it offers. Go here for a date or simply indulge in reading while you grab a corner that looks out into the vast open sky and the lush greenery.

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Gorge on grilled sandwiches, chicken/mochar chop or sip on a hot cup of tea. The cafe looks out into several landmarks of the city, you can spot the Eiffel Tower in Eco Park or stare at the glittering lights that shimmer during the evening on the lake.

Get your bae to this spot and treat them to something different this time!


Address: Mother’s Wax Cafe, CBD 1, Hidco Tower, 69-1111, New Town, Kolkata
Phone: +91 7278210477
Cost for two: ₹600