Move Over From Gajar & Badam Halwa And Make Delish Ande Ka Halwa This Winter. Recipe Inside

The winter season is here and it is time to enjoy some yummy Ande Ka Halwa!

by Shreya Ghosh
Move Over From Gajar & Badam Halwa And Make Delish Ande Ka Halwa This Winter. Recipe Inside

Winter is surely the best time of the year for foodies. There are just too many delectable options of different cuisines and taste palettes to relish. Be it savoury Palak Paneer or sweet Gajar Ka Halwa, the list of winter-special delicacies can go on and on. When it comes to halwa, some of my favourites are Gajar ka Halwa, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Besan ka Halwa, and Badam ka Halwa. You might be surprised to hear that there is something called Ande ka Halwa and it tastes really delicious. Not just in taste, this dessert is good for your health as well.

Ande Ka Halwa Is Enjoyed During The Winters

Ande Ka Halwa
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

We love waking up to the smell of halwa getting cooked in good-quality ghee and mixing it with milk and cream. Well, the winter season is a beautiful time to enjoy all these sweets. Among the huge variety of halwa that we have tasted, ande ka halwa is surely one of the most unique recipes. Most people’s first reaction to this dessert is quite awkward but their opinions change after tasting some of it.

From taste to advantages, this dessert is loaded with everything. Cooked with the goodness of ghee, milk, eggs, dry fruits, and cardamoms, the aroma is mouth-watering. Apart from being delicious, it is protein-rich as well, according to a report by The Times of India. Each bite of ande ka halwa melts in your mouth and makes it too difficult to resist eating more.

Ande ka halwa has no such confirmed origin story. We are still not completely aware of the origin of this dessert. It is widely famous and believed to be a part of Bangladeshi and Pakistani cuisines. This halwa recipe is one of many winter-special desserts. Loaded with deliciousness, foodies love to relish it in the chilly weather of the winter season. It is believed that the halwa helps us to stay warm.

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How To Make This Unique Dessert?

Taking to YouTube, FoodFood shared a video of Chef Ajay Chopra cooking the yummy recipe for Ande Ka Halwa.

Chef Ajay Chopra has shared a simple recipe for this delectable dessert. So if you are a pro or even a beginner in the kitchen, you can surely try your hands in making this at home.

The primary ingredient, rather, the hero of the dessert recipe is eggs and you need to add 7 eggs for this recipe. The measurements mentioned above are according to 7 eggs. If you wish to cook more or less than this quantity, you can add ingredients accordingly.


  • 7 Eggs
  • 75 ml Milk
  • 1½tbsp Ghee
  • 25 ml Honey
  • 1 tbsp Saffron Milk
  • 1 tbsp Almond Powder
  • 1 tbsp Chopped Pistachios
  • 1 tbsp Raisins
  • 1/2 tsp Green Cardamom Powder
  • 1 tin Condensed Milk
  • Sliver Leaf

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  • Break the eggs in a bowl and add milk, honey, almond powder, chopped pistachios, raisins, green cardamom powder, ghee, and condensed milk, and whisk everything till you get a smooth textured mixture.
  • Pour the entire thing into a kadhai/pan and cook on low flame.
  • Make sure to keep stirring continuously for a few minutes.
  • Once you get the halwa-like texture, add the saffron milk and mix for some time before turning off the gas.
  • To garnish it, add silver leaf and chopped pistachios on top of ande ka halwa.

Are you ready to cook this unique recipe of Ande Ka Halwa?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ FoodFood

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