Mumbai: 9 Advisories to Keep In Mind Through Cyclone Nisarga

by Natasha Monteiro
Mumbai: 9 Advisories to Keep In Mind Through Cyclone Nisarga

Even as Cyclone Nisarga barrels towards Mumbai and is expected to make landfall on 3rd June in Alibaug, here are some advisories and precautions to keep in mind through Cyclone Nisarga. It is best to be well-prepared as the India Meteorological Department declared a red alert in Mumbai and we have been advised by the government to remain indoors.

After Cyclone Amphan and the havoc it caused across West Bengal, Odisha & Bangladesh, a similar situation is being faced in Gujarat and Mumbai as the two cities are bracing themselves for Cyclone Nisarga. A storm warning for Mumbai was also issued saying, “Storm surge of 1-2 metres above astronomical tide is very likely to inundate low-lying areas of Mumbai during the time of landfall.”

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has kept the National Disaster Response Force, Army, Navy and Air Force were on standby. While these are some of the measures that the government is taking, here are some things that each of us must take as precautions and stay prepared.

Remember, there is nothing to panic about but it is good to keep a few precautions in place. Remember to stay indoors and stay safe. our hospitals are already working at maximum capacity with COVID-19 cases and its best to stay healthy, indoors and safe in a time like this.

Precautions to Keep In Mind Through Cyclone Nisarga

1. All balconies should be clear of any hanging or light material

This includes flower pots, cardboard boxes, rolling items, lamps and more. Remember, not to underestimate the wind intensity and its best to secure everything inside the house.

2. Check for any loose glass window, door panel and get it repaired  

Make sure you fasten and secure all loose windows & glass panels. The last thing you want is for your home to be leaky and the rain coming in.

3. Two wheelers to be on main stand to avoid falling on nearby cars

Even if you are parking in a sheltered parking, please ensure you put your bike on the main stand & not a side stand. Better safe than sorry.

4. A first aid kid at respective homes for any small cut, bruises

Stock up on your first aid and avoid stepping out as much as possible.

5. Power banks should be fully charged

In case of power failure, MC is ensuring sufficient supply of fuel for gen-sets to run long hours if the need arises. However, ensure that your power banks are fully charged and portable torch batteries are in place.

6. Ensure sufficient drinking water

In case of power loss to water purifier, make sure that you have stored enough drinking water for yourself and your family.

7. If you have any DishTV dish placed at your balcony, kindly check if its firmly attached and not loose

8. Check the air-conditioner outer units for its firmness

9. Show Humanity

These are trying times for everyone. Show compassion to the street animals and if possible shelter them for the next 2 days. Put out food for birds and do your bit to help. Try and reduce orders of any non essential items from Dunzo, Swiggy or other such apps.