Mumbai Air Quality Has Been Consistently Bad. Mumbaikars, You Might Just Wanna Bring Back Those Masks

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai Air Quality Has Been Consistently Bad. Mumbaikars, You Might Just Wanna Bring Back Those Masks

It was only just some time back when Delhi’s poor air quality was discussed by the entire India. And now Mumbaikars are understanding how Delhi pollution feels like in the winter season as the City of Dreams’ air quality keeps worsening. In fact, the Mumbai air quality has been consistently poor over the last week. Considering Friday evening, the Air Quality Index (AQI) was in the “very poor” category. Read on to know all about it!

Mumbai Air Quality Continues Worsening!

Mumbai air quality
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai is now experiencing worse air conditions than Delhi. When it comes to poor air quality, the national capital always concerns us. Unfortunately, the Mumbai air quality was recorded as higher than in Delhi. On Friday evening, AQI in Mumbai was 309, thus entering the “very poor” category. It is now consecutive 2 days when Mumbai’s AQI was more than that of Delhi.

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We know how poor air quality and higher AQI result in more health-related issues and worries. And this is something that is surely a major concern for every Mumbaikar. The weather is also getting quite cold than usual. Mumbaikars experienced Friday morning at a minimum temperature of 18.6°C.

Pollution In The City In The Past Couple Of Weeks:

Mumbai’s air quality has worsened and remained in between the “poor” and “very poor” categories in the last 2 weeks. Maharashtra has a huge advantage of the location but still, the pollution is increasing and it is indeed concerning, especially the rapid worsening in the Maharashtra capital despite being a coastal city.

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Poor AQI Is Harmful For Everyone’s Health

Everyone is aware of the concerning effects of bad air quality on our respiratory organs. Some eye-opening studies are now revealing how it can be worse for the brain as well. In fact, it seems to affect reproductive organs too. Who would have thought stepping outside of our houses can be such a concern one day?

In a bustling city like Mumbai, transport facilities are a major reason behind the massive CO2 emissions and air pollution. Also, pollution from factories, industries, and the burning of disposals also contribute to a significant part of the poor Mumbai air quality.

Mumbaikars stay aware and only step out when it is necessary!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons