Mumbai Airport Becomes 1st Airport In Asia To Have A DARK Facility With High Pressure Lifting Bags

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai Airport Becomes 1st Airport In Asia To Have A DARK Facility With High Pressure Lifting Bags

Mumbai Airport (CSMIA) has announced the inauguration of its specialised Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit (DARK). This has marked a significant step towards improving passenger safety and operational resilience. In contrast to typical low-pressure equivalents, the DARK facility at CSMIA ensures superior longevity, requires little staff, and provides a more effective recovery procedure. This makes it the first airport in Asia to use these lifting bags.

Mumbai Airport Is 1st Airport In Asia With DARK Facility

CSMIA dark facility mumbai airport
Credits: Press Release

An important issue in aviation is “runway excursion,” or when an aircraft unintentionally veers off or exceeds the runway while taking off or landing. To protect the security of travellers, aircraft, and airport operations, prompt and careful intervention is necessary.

By enabling the airport to respond to such events with unmatched precision and speed, DARK minimises disruptions and lessens the impact on travellers. When using a single crossing runway, CSMIA can make the most of the DARK facility’s high-pressure kit for quicker movement and deployment, restarting runway operations while safeguarding the aircraft.

The B777-300 is one of the largest commercial planes currently in existence and can be recovered quickly by DARK. The kit would be suitable for the most important and exacting aircraft that frequently depart from Mumbai.

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The recovery procedure entails a careful series of procedures, starting with ground preparation and continuing with aircraft lifting, de-bogging, and towing. Additionally, the equipment’s compact shape makes it easier to transport, enabling rescuers to arrive at collision sites quickly and effectively.

Decrease In Delays & Enabling Of Business Continuity

CSMIA dark facility mumbai airport
Credits: Press Release

With DARK in place, CSMIA can decrease delays and hasten the start-up of operations, a critical advantage in the fast-paced aviation environment of today. The kit enables business continuity and airport resilience for additional airports.

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) officers from CSMIA underwent a rigorous five-day training course that covered legal issues, tethering, ground stabilisation, lifting techniques using low-pressure bags, multi-sling use, and de-bogging procedures. As a result, CSMIA now has a team of highly qualified professionals who are prepared to act quickly in the face of difficulty.

CSMIA has demonstrated its unrelenting dedication to passenger safety, operational excellence, and technological innovation by embracing the Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit (DARK).

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This cutting-edge facility strengthens the airport’s position as a pioneer in international aviation and ushers in a time of safer and more secure international air travel.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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