Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express Gets An Elegant Upgrade

by Tushal Kukreja
Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express Gets An Elegant Upgrade

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Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express about to get Airplane-like coaches under the Swarn Project.

What Is It?

Indian Railways has been working hard to enhance the comfort of customers and reduce mishaps, resulting in refurbishing the coaches of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express. Looking at the positive feedback from the public, the Western Railway under the Swarn Project decided to do some similar changes to the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani.

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Ravinder Bhakar, chief spokesperson of Western Railway, said “In a bid to enhance travelling experience and riding comfort of its passengers, we have refurbished the Rajdhani Express”

Night lamps would be attached to the train, in order to keep the thiefs away at night. Some other changes that have been made by the authorities are the anti-graffiti coats on vinyl wraps in the passages, entrances and washrooms, the interiors of the train coach are designed to look like the interiors of airplanes. Automatic personal toilet seat dispensers and auto janitors for better odour control are a few fancy amenities that have been added to the train.

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