Mumbai Gets Taller! India’s Tallest Tower To Have 110 Floors, Offices, Theatre, Hotel, Mall & More

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai Gets Taller! India’s Tallest Tower To Have 110 Floors, Offices, Theatre, Hotel, Mall & More

There’s no shortage of buildings in Mumbai that touch the sky. The view of the Mumbai skyline from Nariman Point could rival that of New York’s skyline. Mumbai is a city of skyscrapers and it just got a lot taller! India’s tallest building will be built in Mumbai soon by a UK-based firm. This tower will have a total of 110 floors and will house different types of commercial spaces.

India’s Tallest Building Will House Offices, Theatre, & More

India's tallest
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This ambitious project will not entirely be a residential building. It will also be, in part, a commercial one. As such, it is going to have a theatre, hotel, mall, hospital, and offices in addition to apartments. It will also have a heated swimming pool, a gym, a banquet hall, and a recreation centre. The theatre will be a cosy 50-seater one. The hotel too will be limited to 50 keys, and the hospital will have 50 beds. This ambitious project will be constructed in the ParelSewri area and will be built by a UK-based construction firm.

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The Building Will Be Constructed By A UK-Based Company

The next tallest building in the country will be built by a construction firm based in the United Kingdom called SRAM & MRAM Group. The leadership of the group is optimistic about this new project and is looking forward to creating the country’s next tallest building. The erstwhile tallest building in the country was a residential building called the Palais Royale. It has a total of 88 floors and is around 320 metres tall. The building was under construction for a long time due to certain legal disputes it faced because of the land on which it was constructed.

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Are you looking forward to this new addition to Mumbai’s skyline?

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons