6 Tallest Hotels In The World That Will Make You Fall In Love With Heights

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Tallest Hotels In The World That Will Make You Fall In Love With Heights

A room with a view often qualifies as the perfect hotel room. And the higher your hotel room is nestled, the more panoramic views you get. Skyscrapers, wide roads, busy human beings look like ants from the top floor, while fluffy clouds and birds feel just within your reach. Now, that’s quite an ethereal experience for adventure junkies. To enjoy your view to the fullest, here are some of the tallest hotels in the world. These accommodations not only offer your top-notch luxury but most importantly you will soak in breathtaking views.

1. Gevora Hotel In Dubai

Dubai has the tallest hotel in the world and that’s Gevora Hotel. This gleaming gold property with 75 storeys measures 356 meters. It also boasts of the highest restaurant in the Middle East, which is perched 280m above ground and provides a 360-degree view of the Dubai skyline. Sip their signature High View Mocktail, gorge on the surf and turf and witness the views of the famed Burj Khalifa.

tallest hotels in the world
Picture Credits: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

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2. Grand Lisboa In Macao

Macao’s Grand Lisboa not only takes the cake for being one of the world’s tallest hotels but also for being one of the most beautiful ones. This magnificent property is designed around a large golden floor blooming into the air. Catch a glimpse of it at night and you will be spellbound. Grand Lisboa is situated at the centre of what is known as Asian Las Vegas. Lisboa features casinos, Paris shows and Michelin starred restaurants in proximity. Its alluring lifestyle attracts many celebrities across the world.

tallest hotels in the world
Picture Credits: wexas.com

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3. 85 Sky Tower Hotel In Taiwan

If you wish to live the ‘high life’ there’s no better place than the 85 Sky Tower Hotel in Taiwan. Nestled 1240 feet high in the New Bay Area of Kaohsiung, this hotel offers stunning views. Visit the viewing deck of the hotel located on the 74th hotel for an Insatgrammable experience. Interestingly, this building has no 44th floor. The 43rd floor directly connects to the 45th floor. 85 Sky Tower Hotel has a pyramid-shaped crown and an unusual design with two separate 39-floor sections that merge into a single central tower, that rises into a spire.

tallest hotels in the world
Picture Credits: Pixabay

4. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai In Dubai

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai was the world’s tallest hotel until the Gevora Hotel opened in February 2018. This 5-star hotel is inspired by the iconic date palm of the Middle East. The architecture of the 335m measuring twin tower is a testimony to this. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai houses one of the largest spas in Dubai which has a pool filled with water from the Dead Sea. It also features Masala Library, a luxurious restaurant owned by celebrity chef Jiggs Kalra. Enjoy modern Indian food seated in the world’s second tallest hotel.

tallest hotels in the world
Picture Credits: Booking.com

5. Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur In Malaysia

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by the multicultural energy of Malaysia. This building is 1122 feet tall and houses a hotel, apartment and a gigantic shopping mall for both guests and residents to chill at. The luxurious property has a lovely mix of nostalgic traditional and swanky modern vibes. Guests can enjoy warm hospitality and personalised services, with all their needs taken care of. But the highlight of this hotel has to be the glorious city views.

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6. Baiyoke Sky Hotel In Thailand

If we were to compile a list of the world’s tallest hotels, based just on the height, this list would mostly include hotels from Dubai. However, this list attempts to explore hotels based on their height as well as the alluring architecture. Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Thailand measures at 1013 feet. It has a revolving observation deck on the 84th tall that’s the ultimate highlight. Baiyoke Sky Hotel is also one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting hotel. Gorge on exquisite food at Thailand’s highest open-air restaurant here and enjoy the awe-inspiring city views.

tallest hotels in the world
Picture Credits: thaibis.com

Adventure junkies, these are some of the world’s tallest and beautiful hotels. To stay here, you might have to shell out more than you intend to, nevertheless it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Meanwhile, here are 12 of India’s best beach hotels to add to your wishlist.