Mumbai Has A New Sanctuary For All Animal Lovers

by Tushal Kukreja
Mumbai Has A New Sanctuary For All Animal Lovers

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Animals Matter To Me is a clinical rescue facility for strays & abandoned owner less animals, birds & reptiles in need of help in Mumbai & beyond and they are taking their mission forward by building a sanctuary.

What Is It?

Animals Matter To Me has purchased 17 acres of land near Kolad area to start an animal sanctuary. Their goal is to bring all the animals together, especially the ones which are in a bad shape, old, sick, blind or handicapped. The sanctuary will be home to all kind of animals from dogs, cats, goats, cows, buffaloes, horses to donkeys etc.

You can visit the farm for leisure purposes since it is a great campsite location being  an entire hill falls in the expanse and also has a weekend home where you can stay and enjoy activities like cycling, trekking etc.

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What Else?

Yan can also volunteer to take care of the animals at the farm. People from both Mumbai and Pune can conveniently travel to the location, get in touch with AMTM through their Instagram and Facebook. AMTM is also looking for donations to help raise the animals, Click here to help them.

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