Mumbai: Man And Woman Attempt To Board Moving Train; Viral Video Sparks Outrage

Stricter enforcement is essential to ensure a safe and reliable train service.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Mumbai: Man And Woman Attempt To Board Moving Train; Viral Video Sparks Outrage

A video circulating online has sparked outrage and worry over passenger safety on India’s trains. The footage shows a man and woman attempting to board a moving train that is already packed to overflowing.

Daring Boarding Sparks Outrage

The video depicts a scene all too familiar to Indians: a train crammed with passengers, every inch of space seemingly occupied. Despite this, the determined couple attempts to board. The man first assists the woman, physically pushing her inside the carriage as they both cling precariously to the doorway. He then manages to clamber onto the lower steps himself, shifting luggage to create a sliver of space.

Crucially, they are seen boarding from the tracks, on the opposite side of the platform, completely disregarding safety protocols in their haste to get on the train. The video has gone viral, with viewers expressing deep concern for the couple’s well-being and highlighting the wider issues of overcrowding on India’s vital train network.

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Lack Of Infrastructure

Many comments focused on the dangers of the couple’s actions. “So scary,” said one viewer. “One slip and they could have been seriously injured, or worse.” Others lamented the desperation that would lead people to take such risks. “This is the condition of every train that goes to Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh east,” another viewer commented. “Failure to meet safety expenditure target!” said yet another user on X (Formerly, Twitter).

The incident has reignited discussions about the chronic overcrowding on India’s lifeline, the railway system. Millions of people rely on the trains for their daily commutes, but passenger numbers far exceed capacity, leading to dangerous situations and a daily struggle for commuters.

Experts point to a lack of adequate infrastructure investment as a major contributing factor. India’s train network has simply not kept pace with the ever-growing population. Calls have been made for increased investment in new lines and carriages, as well as stricter enforcement of safety regulations to prevent such dangerous boarding attempts.

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The viral video serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of addressing overcrowding on Indian trains. The safety of passengers should not be at risk simply because they are trying to travel. Increased capacity and stricter enforcement are essential to ensure a safe and reliable train service for the millions who depend on it.

Cover Image courtesy: @IndianTechGuide/X (Formerly, Twitter)

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