Mumbai Will Get 12 New AC Locals By 2019 End

by Kritika Kukreja
Mumbai Will Get 12 New AC Locals By 2019 End

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After the launch of the first ever AC local train in Mumbai last year, the railways are planning to deploy 12 more AC locals by end of 2019. 

What Is It?

The AC Mumbai local has gained a lot of attention from the public in the last year, so why not get more? Mumbai’s winter season is just about to end so the railways will be deploying the first batch of AC local trains by March 2019. This batch will be running on the Western Line (Churchgate to Virar), however the next batches will be running on the Central Railways.

AC Local - Mumbai
AC Local – Mumbai


The current AC local has a capacity of seating 1000 people and carrying 6000. But the AC locals that will be launching to the public this year will have a seating capacity of 2000 and they will be build on the developments of the brand new Train 18 in India which can run at the speed of 150 km per hour. 

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times / Getty Images

Future Plan

Due to the weak infrastructure of railway lines in Mumbai, developing the local trains will be a tough job. But in a few years, the railways are planning to completely switch to AC locals and design at least 200 AC locals that will become the lifeline of Mumbai’s transport system.