Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Construction To Begin By December 2019

Are you ready for the future? Because construction on the Mumbai-Pune Hyperloops is hitting the field this December 2019. This means once the Hyperloop is ready, you can get to Pune from Mumbai and vice versa, in flat 25 MINUTES. Can you believe that?! Currently, by train or bus, it takes a good 3-4 hours depending on your speed and the number of stops to travel between Mumbai and Pune. All that struggle and time reduced to just 25 minutes!

Credits: Autocar India

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The Virgin Hyperloop One project will soon be on the ground and work will begin this December 2019, itself. The tubes inside are supposed to have an air pressure of 9% of the entire pressure at sea level as compared to the buses and trains running currently. The will come in very handy for intercity travels where high levels of road congestion and traffic are often witnessed (1500 km).

Credits: Autocar India

This project will link Navi Mumbai International Airport and the city of Pune, aiding almost 26 million people combined on both sides!

“This project when completed will be the most efficient mode of commuting which will possess several salient features. In the first phase, Virgin Hyperloop One will set up a 15km demo track, parallel to the Mumbai-Pune expressway which stretches from Kiwale to Urse. The work will likely begin in November or December this year and will progress rapidly from thereafter,” said a senior official working at Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority in conversation with Mirror.

The Hyperloop is going to be sustainable, using solar energy and will rest on Pylons that are Earthquake resistant. It will engage in 50 rides to and fro per day with 28 passengers. It will run every 2 minutes being pulled by air suspension. We honestly cannot wait for the future. What about you?


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Madhusree Chatragadda
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