Mumbai To Pune Helicopter Taxis To Launch Soon

by Ankita Upadhyay
Mumbai To Pune Helicopter Taxis To Launch Soon

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Mumbai to Pune travel time is going to get much shorter with Helicopter Taxis that will be launched by March 2019. 

What Is It?

By early 2019, one will finally find relief from the hectic Mumbai to Pune travel with the introduction of the BLADE India helicopter taxis. Not just Mumbai to Pune, these helicopter taxis will also take you to Shirdi. Just like an Uber or an Ola, BLADE India will have an app from where you can book your helicopter taxis.

What Do We Know?

Fly Blade Inc is the largest American company that provides helicopters for civilians. Now they have started services in India in a joint venture called BLADE India and will be beginning operations by March 2019.

Initially the services will be from Mumbai to Pune and the service will be branching out to Shirdi and other cities. The helicopters will fly from Juhu and Mahalaxmi and the ride will be a mere 20 minutes (a 20 minute ride but 30 minutes extra for boarding etc) bringing down the travel time by at least 2-3 hours.


When it comes to any kind of service, we’re always asking about the price. Blade India estimates that a private jet from Mumbai to Pune will cost about $8000 (Rs 5.6 lacs), but a helicopter taxi will definitely cost you less. The aim of BLADE India is to provide relief from the traffic congestion and not have you rushing to the airport.

What Else?

BLADE plans to expand its services to metropolitan cities in India and connect them to nearby pilgrimage cities or short weekend trips. Basically, covering up the two basic demands of Indian travellers – temple visits and getaways.