Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: 45K Visitors On Day 1 Leave Traffic, Litter & Gutka Stains Behind

From gutka stains to throwing coconuts, many people littered the Atal Setu.

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: 45K Visitors On Day 1 Leave Traffic, Litter & Gutka Stains Behind

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link on January 12, 2024. Also known as Atal Setu, it was opened to the public on January 13. From people rushing to see the bridge to pictures and videos going viral, it has been trending on the Internet. It recorded a massive footfall of visitors on the first day itself.

About 45,000 People Visited The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Devendra Fadnavis (@Dev_Fadnavis) shared some glimpses of the largest sea bridge in India.

Atal Setu is a much-anticipated project in the City of Dreams. Mumbaikars have been waiting excitedly to visit the bridge. Right after it was opened on Saturday, people from all around were thronging on the setu. Over 45,000 visitors went to the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link right after opening in the morning. With the progress in the day, the number of people visiting there increased too. According to a report by Times Now News, about 12,000 vehicles crossed the bridge starting from the morning to late night.

Groups of friends and families went to see the development and captured beautiful moments from this short trip to witness the marvellous infrastructure in the city. Pictures and videos of the longest sea bridge started going viral on social media. The glimpses and snippets of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link look absolutely breathtaking, especially the views of lights at night.

P. Venkatraman (@pvenkatraman) shared a picture showing the cars on Atal Setu.

Venkatraman shared how there were standstill cars in the middle of the bridge. There was a traffic jam on both sides on Sunday evening. People parked their cars in an angular way so that they could enjoy the sightseeing.

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Litter Spotted Atal Setu Only After A Day Of Opening

Indian Tech & Infra (@IndianTechGuide) shared pictures marking the stains on the bridge.

It has not been long since the concerned authorities opened the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link for the public. Not only a huge number of people are rushing to the sea bridge to check it out but also creating congestion on roads and littering. Pictures of gutka stains and coconuts thrown on the bridge are making rounds on the Internet.

Mihir Jha (@MihirkJha) shared a picture of coconuts lying on the side of the bridge.

Many are worried about seeing such weird behaviour from people. It is a brand-new massive infrastructure development and also a very significant one. Not littering it is surely one of our biggest responsibilities. Pictures and videos of vehicles stuck on Atal Setu, people coming out of their cars to click photos, and litter are surfacing on social media platforms.

Sanjay Mehta (@sm63) shared photos of newspapers printed about visitors on Atal Setu.

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Seeing the rise in visitors stopping on the bridge to click photos, Mumbai Traffic Police announced that anyone stopping on the Atal Setu would face an FIR. It is not a 21.8 km long picnic spot, added the traffic police.

What do you think of all these happening on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ P. Venkatraman (@pvenkatraman), X (formerly Twitter)/ Indian Tech & Infra (@IndianTechGuide)

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