Mumbaikars, Spend More Time At Parks As BMC Extends Its Working Hours. Check Out The New Timings!

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbaikars, Spend More Time At Parks As BMC Extends Its Working Hours. Check Out The New Timings!

Visiting your nearest park is probably one of the best and healthiest ways to pass the time. Apart from libraries, parks are one of the few places in this capitalist world where you can spend time without the expectation of shelling out money. They are also the perfect hangout spot for literally anyone and anything. If you love visiting parks and are in Mumbai, you should know that the BMC has decided to extend the working hours of Mumbai parks.

Mumbai Parks’ Working Hours To Be Extended

In a tweet posted yesterday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC announced that they will be extending the number of hours that parks in Mumbai are open to the public. The new timings of all the parks in Mumbai will be from 5 AM to 1 PM and from 3 PM to 10 PM on weekdays.

On weekends, the timings will be from 5 AM to 10 PM. The older timings of the parks in Mumbai were from 6 AM to 2 PM and 3 PM to 9 PM. This extension of park timings is a welcome move since children and older people would get to spend more time in parks.

Parks are one of the few places in Mumbai that give access to relatively clean air. Since health issues are on the rise in the city, it is deemed fit that the timings of parks, too, are extended. This will help everyone lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Importance Of Parks In Cities

One of the many reasons that people in the city are having multiple health issues is because of the extremely poor air quality that Mumbai recently has begun to have. There is a plethora of construction sites in Mumbai which are contributing to the already polluted and dusty air.

By keeping parks open for longer periods of time, people around the neighbourhood will have access to relatively cleaner air. Besides, jogging, walking or exercising in parks will also help people maintain their health.

Parks are easily one of the most useful of public spaces. Whether you wanna spend time alone reading a good book or listening to music, or you want to hang out with loved ones; parks are a perfect space for it.

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