Mumbai’s Air Quality Index Remains In ‘Moderate’ Category; Reaches 111 On Saturday

Mumbai's Air Quality Index continues to be in the 'moderate' category.

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai’s Air Quality Index Remains In ‘Moderate’ Category; Reaches 111 On Saturday

With the onset of the winter season in India, air pollution is worsening in most places, especially in the bustling and crowded cities. It is evident that air pollution and air quality deteriorate during the winter every year and the same is continuing to happen this year as well. We have been reading many news about Delhi’s horrible air quality and pollution. This time, Mumbai is also joining the list for scary air quality.

Mumbai’s Air Quality Index Remained In ‘Moderate’ Category

Picture credit- Canva

We have the latest updates on the air quality reported in the City of Dreams on the morning of December 9, 2023. On Saturday at around 9:40 AM, the air quality index was recorded as 111, according to the SAMEER app. The air quality index between 100 to 200 is considered to be in the ‘moderate’ category. With the Mumbai AQI reaching 111 on Saturday morning, it is currently continuing to be moderate.

The SAMEER app also shared necessary details about the air quality index in different areas and regions of Mumbai, according to a report by Mid-Day. Here’s all you need to know about the AQI of the city’s well-known places:

  • The air quality index of Sewri was 197. (‘moderate’ category)
  • Bandra’s air quality index was 104. (‘moderate’ category)
  • AQI of Borivali was 97. (‘good’ category)
  • Powai’s AQI was 96 this morning. (‘good’ category)
  • Chembur recorded an AQI of 95. (‘good’ category)
  • Worli was at 88 on Saturday morning. (‘good’ category)

It has been some days since the air quality index of Mumbai has remained in between the moderate category. The AQI is ranging in between the limit of 100 to 200 in the city. The air quality is reported to be in the moderate category from  November. Back on December 5, the AQI was at 136. It was 146 and 134 on December 6 and 7 respectively. AQI was at 113 yesterday.

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What Are The Weather Updates?

Picture credit- Canva

The India Meteorological Department has shared some information about the changes in weather and some updates about the temperatures recently. The weather predictions state that the sky will be clear throughout Saturday. Along with a clear sky, the weather forecast also stated that there are chances for the temperature to be as high as 33°C and the minimum temperature is expected to be 22°C, according to the Mid-Day report.

The winter season has not fully made its entry into the City of Dreams this year as of now. The weather is not that chilly but the temperature is decreasing to a small extent slowly. Weather forecasts for this year stated how Mumbai is expected to experience a comparatively warmer winter season this time.

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These are all the recent updates about the air quality index in Mumbai and different areas of the city. The air quality index remaining in the ‘moderate’ category is turning out to be a fear and concern for Mumbaikars. The AQI has still not decreased or improved a lot in the past some time and did not even enter the ‘good’ category.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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