Delhi’s AQI Deteriorates; Reaches 315 & Enters ‘Very Poor’ Category. Details Inside

Delhi's Air Quality Index turned worse once again and entered the 'very poor' category recently.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi’s AQI Deteriorates; Reaches 315 & Enters ‘Very Poor’ Category. Details Inside

Delhi is making the headlines for its horrible air quality and pollution again. The quality has been dropping and rising consecutively for some time now but unfortunately, it has worsened yet again in most places. Reports state that the Air Quality Index of the national capital entered into the ‘very poor’ category on Thursday. What are the latest updates on Delhi’s air pollution and how is the weather changing in recent times? To know all the details about it, read on.

Delhi’s AQI Worsened And Turned Very Poor On Thursday

Picture credit- Canva

The air quality index in the Indian capital city was in the ‘poor’ category for some time but it increased and reached the scary ‘very poor’ category on December 7, 2023. Here is some information about the deteriorating air quality.

  • The air quality index was recorded at 289 at around 10 AM yesterday, according to a report by WION.
  • But within an hour, the quality changed for bad. It was at 11 AM when the air quality index entered the ‘very poor’ category by becoming 301.
  • The condition intensifies for a worse situation once again in the afternoon. It was at 3 PM on December 6 when the index was reported at 315.

Such increases in pollution and quality throughout the day are indeed a concern for everyone. The average air quality index in the city also rose on Thursday. The average was 287 on Wednesday and it saw a major spike to 320 on the next day.

Well, not just the pollution and the air quality index, the weather and temperature have also witnessed some changes in recent times. On some days, it is increasing and it is dipping on other days. Delhi is known for its winter season covered by blankets and sheets of fog and smog and looks like the temperature is about to fall soon.

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The City Is Set To Get Colder

Picture credit- Canva

The lowest temperature of this winter season was recorded on both Wednesday and Thursday. It was 9.2°C on both days. But the weather predictions state that the temperature is about to decrease. Though the lowest temperature was the same, the maximum temperature was a bit different. On Wednesday, it was 26.4°C. The temperature was 25.8°C yesterday. Thursday’s weather was all about being covered by fog in many places during the day.

The weather department recently stated about a dip in temperature starting from Friday. It looks like Delhites will need to take out their blankets and woollen sweaters if they have not done it already. Weather changes play a major impact on pollution in every place and the same is happening in the national capital as well. With fog all around, the pollution saw a rise too.

And for the updates of the air quality index in the next few days, the reports state that Friday is about to be in the same ‘very poor’ category. But there are chances for it to improve to a small extent the next day. In conclusion, the air quality index is likely to be in between the ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ categories this week.

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Delhites, stay safe from the worsening air quality!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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