Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum Tops Taj Mahal On The List Of Travelers’ Choice Experience, 2019

by Angel Srivastava
Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum Tops Taj Mahal On The List Of Travelers’ Choice Experience, 2019

Ever heard of tourist groups impatiently wanting a tour of the nearest slum area in the city? While we might think it a bit demeaning considering India has other spectacular tourist spots to hit, traveler’s wish to tour the slums has got us a slot in the List Of Travellers’ Choice Experience 2019.

Image Credits: Trip Savvy

What Is It?

Yes, that’s right. A tour to Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum has made it to the List of Top 10 Traveler’s Choice Experience 2019, and guess what? It is known to higher rank than a tour of the Taj Mahal!

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Spending a few hours in the Dharavi Slum has features in the Top 10 Traveler’s Choice Experiences 2019, World and Asia. Other options second to the Dharavi tour included a Bike ride to Old Delhi, superfast train journey to the Taj Mahal, private half-day tour of Bollywood inclusive of a meal in Mumbai, Mastar ji ki Haveli tour visit, private sight-seeing tour of Mumbai, and small-group tours of Delhi’s Sanjay Colony Slum.

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People picking the Dharavi tour over others did prove that travelers find experiencing the local culture of a place to be an important part of their trip.

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What More?

Dharavi is one of the most prominent slum areas in the country and is considered to be on of the largest slums in the world. You can easily spot the area while flying over Mumbai. It is also one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

You might remember seeing it in films like Slumdog Millionaire and Gully Boy. Time and again, Dharavi has fallen prey to many diseases and epidemics including the plague in 1986 which killed nearly half of Mumbai’s population. Over the years large sums of money have been borrowed by the Indian government in the name of improving the living conditions and sanitation.But so far nothing fruitful has come out of it.