Mumbai’s Iconic Gateway Of India To Welcome Electric Water Taxis In December 2023

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbai’s Iconic Gateway Of India To Welcome Electric Water Taxis In December 2023

In the bustling city of Mumbai, a revolutionary mode of transportation is on the horizon, poised to transform the way people travel across the city’s iconic waterfront. Electric water taxis, sleek and sustainable, are set to grace the city’s waterways in December, promising a faster and more eco-friendly way to navigate the bustling metropolis. Infinity Harbour Service, a private water taxi operator with a vision for the future of Mumbai’s transportation, has taken the initiative to introduce these cutting-edge electric water taxis.

Mumbai’s Electric Water Taxis Arriving Soon

Their maiden voyage will link the historic Gateway of India in South Mumbai to the vibrant district of Belapur in Navi Mumbai, creating a thrilling maritime connection that redefines Mumbai’s transportation landscape. According to the Indian Express, the daring endeavour involves four state-of-the-art electric water taxis, each one a marvel of engineering, priced at a staggering sum of approximately Rs 2.5 crore.

These futuristic vessels are a manifestation of innovation in the realm of sustainable transport. They represent a departure from the traditional, noisy, and polluting diesel water taxis that have long plied the waters of Mumbai. They are definitely a giant leap towards cleaner, greener commuting.

Two of these electric water taxis are equipped with 24 comfortable seats. They are currently undergoing rigorous trials in the serene waters of Goa. The other two, designed for more intimate journeys with a capacity of six passengers, are being put through their paces in the enchanting waters of Kochi. The trials aim to ensure that these vessels are not only efficient but also supremely safe.

As per the Indian Express, Infinity Harbour Service promises to whisk commuters across the sea. They will cover the distance in an astonishingly swift one-hour journey. This will be a game-changer for daily commuters and tourists alike. It will provide a swift and scenic passage between two bustling parts of the city.

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Get Ready To Embark On A New Maritime Adventure

What sets these electric water taxis apart is their remarkable range and environmental credentials. These taxis can reach speeds of up to 12 nautical miles. They can also zip through the waters at a pace that outshines their diesel counterparts. Moreover, they are designed to run continuously for four hours on a single charge. It is certainly an impressive feat of engineering that promises uninterrupted service. In contrast, the existing diesel water taxis guzzle a staggering 140 litres of fuel per hour, contributing to air pollution and escalating fuel costs.

Infinity Harbour Service’s innovative approach is not limited to the Mumbai-Belapur route. They are already offering water taxi services between Belapur and the enchanting Elephanta Caves. The response on these routes has been promising. With roughly three trips being made, each of them will ferry 15-20 passengers. This indicates that Mumbai’s residents are receptive to this modern and sustainable mode of transportation.

As Mumbai prepares to welcome these electric water taxis, the city’s residents can look forward to a future where waterborne travel is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Mumbai’s waterways will soon echo with the buzz of these electric marvels. They promise an exciting change in the city’s daily rhythms.

Cover Image Courtesy: My Boat Ride/Website

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