Mumbai’s Royal Opera House To Host First-Ever Marathi Theatre Festival, ‘Natya Velhal’

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai’s Royal Opera House To Host First-Ever Marathi Theatre Festival, ‘Natya Velhal’

Theatres have been an integral part of Maharashtra’s culture for many decades. Plays like Natasamrat, Bal Gandharva, Shakuntala and more have always been a topic to discuss among all the theatre lovers and learners too. So here is some good news for all the theatre lovers out there! Mumbai’s Royal Opera House will host ‘Natya Velhal’, first-ever Marathi theatre festival, and we are super excited!

Natya Velhal: First-Ever Marathi Theatre Festival In Mumbai

The Royal Opera House in Mumbai will be hosting a four-day Marathi theatre festival. Natya Velhal, Opera House Rangamancha Var Marathi Natakanchi Parvani, will be a celebration of art and artists.

The four-day festival is designed so that the audience can witness a wide range of themes through performances such as Sangeet Natak, Comedy, Thriller, Suspense, Folk, Love Story, Lavani, and Experimental, all under one roof.

The festival will commence on April 6 and continue until April 9. It is an initiative to welcome theatre lovers to experience the magnificence of the Royal Opera House through Marathi plays and musicals. It is also to encourage and appreciate regional theatre groups. 

You cannot miss this opportunity of witnessing radiant stalwarts of the Marathi theatre industry like Girish Oak, Suchita Thatte, Makarand Despande, Anita Date and many more. 

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A Grand Opening To A Magical Time

The festival will open on a grand note with a mystery-themed play called ’38 Krishna Villa’. It will be followed by ‘Kaali Rani’, a suspense thriller. Next on the stage will be ‘Jay Shankara Vidyadhara’, a unique dance musical. 

The next will be an entertaining journey of the language Marathi, ‘Madhurav – Boru Te Blog’. This will be followed by a dark comedy play named ‘Punashcha Honeymoon’. The festival will come to an exciting end with an exhilarating Lavani dance performance. 

‘Natya Velhal’ celebrates the culture rich tradition of theatres in India. The honorary director of the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, Ashish Doshi, said that this festival is a chance for people to explore the theatre, which was reopened in 2016.

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