Mumbai’s Worli NSCI Bus Stop Gets a Swanky Makeover With Charging Points, Library And More

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai’s Worli NSCI Bus Stop Gets a Swanky Makeover With Charging Points, Library And More

We all waited in the long lines at the bus stop for our bus to arrive. The bus services have caused delays that have left us stranded at the stop for hours. Many times without much to do and also with low battery in the mobile. But not anymore. Mumbai’s Worli NSCI Bus Stop recently got an amazing makeover, and the bus stop has many facilities like charging points, a library, and many more. 

Worli NSCI Bus Stop’s Makeover

The Worli NSCI (National Sports Club of India) or Nehru Planetarium bus stop has now got a swanky makeover, thanks to BEST. The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST) has completely changed the face of the bus stop, or, we can say, the face of traditional bus stops in Mumbai. 

This new bus stop in Mumbai has a post box, multiple USB charging points, a well-equipped library, QR codes, and CCTV cameras. The recently refurbished bus stop was renovated at a cost of ₹36 lakh and has a seating area as well as a shade. 

It has an alarm for female commuters if they face harassment and a fibreglass structure. With the help of the QR codes, one can check the details of nearby famous places and also locate toilets. 

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More 600 Will Be Soon Renovated

The Worli NSCI bus stop also has various emergency numbers available, like the Child Helpline, Infoline, Police Helpline, Women’s Helpline, Ambulance, and Rescue and Relief. Lokesh Chandra, general manager of BEST, informed that there are over 3,000 bus stops in Mumbai. Of these, 600 will be refurbished with similar facilities. He also mentioned that about 30 bus stops are ready. 

Chandra said that all these bus stops will be renovated at a cost of ₹25-30 lakhs and will be ready by the end of this year. The renovation work is carried out using a public-private partnership model. 

The private operator must handle this bus stop repair and upkeep work in lieu of advertising rights. Lokesh indicated that they may make money through advertising. (As per The Indian Express)

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