Mumbaiwalo, Fashion Street On MG Road Is All Set For A Singapore’s Orchard Road Like Makeover!

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbaiwalo, Fashion Street On MG Road Is All Set For A Singapore’s Orchard Road Like Makeover!

For most of us, shopping is therapeutic. Doesn’t matter if you are depressed, anxious, sad or even happy, one thing we all love to do is take our wallets and bags and hit the streets, looking for something cool to enhance our wardrobe or house decor. And there are designated locations where you can find beautiful and unique items worth your money. They include Crawford Market, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road and so on. But one of the iconic street shopping spots in South Bombay is Fashion Street which the authorities are set to revamp! Here are the details of what will be included in the new Fashion Street of Mumbai.

Fashion Street Mumbai Getting Revamped

fashion street
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South Mumbai, specifically the area from Azad Maidan to Bombay Gymkhana, is known for street shopping. You will find a lot of small shops and street side vendors selling jeans, tops, western wear, shoes and other accessories at cheaper prices (You can get them at even cheaper rates by bargaining!). This place is called Fashion Street and it is a hub for college students to get fashionable clothes on a budget.

And to make this market more organised, the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has decided to revamp the market and give it a much-needed makeover. The inspiration for this makeover is Singapore’s Orchard Market — a major fashion district.

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Shop Till You Drop!

According to the current data and news report by Hindustan Times, 384 licensed hawkers sell clothes on the street. They will be given designated stalls where they can showcase clothes and other things. This will clear the footpaths and allow pedestrians to walk.

Other than this, the authorities are planning to beautify the place with more lights, signboards, and separate sections for children’s wear, footwear and other stuff. This will help customers to navigate shops and they will face less hassle.

In addition to these features, the place will be permitted to conduct ramp walks with the help of small brands. This will upgrade and upscale the area and it will truly be a fashion capital! As for the vendors, they will be provided with proper training to handle customers.

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So, are you excited about this new face of Fashion Street?

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