6 Must-Visit Food Joints In Jaipur’s Street Food Paradise, Masala Chowk

Unlimited Pani Puri
by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 256

Street Food is a delight but it becomes a task when your favorite street food items are scattered all over the city. But at least not anymore for the Jaipurites, as they have Masala Chowk which comprises all the iconic street food outlets. Masala Chowk is located inside Ram Niwas garden, Jaipur. From Chole Bhaturas, Aalu Tikki, Pani puri, jalebi, pyaz ki kachori, samosa’s, South Indian, Thalis, poha, chaat’s, to Gulab Jamun’s, Ice cream, Falooda, Kairi Panna, authentic Rajasthani food, halwa, etc. This place has a lot to offer. Masala Chowk has almost more than 25 shops. Its entrance fee is Rs.10.

Top 6 Must-Try Food Joints

1. Samrat

This eatery serves a ton of dishes, Chole Bhaturas, Masala Chai, Kachori, Tikkis, Jalebi’s, and a lot more. The most famous item is its mind-blowing Chole Bhaturas. Bhaturas are extremely crisp and flaky. And the flavorsome spices of Chole and the ragda (served along with it) just make the dish more scrumptious.

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2. Shankar Samosa

This place serves the most flavored samosas which have a crispy outer layer and just dissolve as you put them into your mouth. Samosa is a very basic dish but still, there’s something in its taste that forces everyone to try it out. They serve the samosas with the standard Chutneys.

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3. Raman Dosawala

If you want to binge on some South Indian Raman Dosawala, this is the place. With a blend of a variety of Sauces, loads of butter, and veggies are put inside your dosas which you can relish with some authentic coconut chutney, sambhar. They serve a huge variety of dosas, what stays in common is the freshness and crispiness of the dosas.

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4. Gopal Singh Patashi Bhandar

Any street food day is incomplete if you don’t binge on some Gol Gappa. Along with the Pani Patache, this food joint also offers Tikkis, Dahi Patashe, Sev Puri, and a lot more. The Pani Patache served is the crispiest and the masalas put inside it are balanced in such a way that makes it yummier.

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5. Vaah Banna

In between all this, you can try the most refreshing drinks, from various Panna’s to lassi, to some juices, Dahi Vada’s and a lot more This outlet offers some amazing desi mocktails. After drinking, everybody goes Vaah Banna!!

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6. Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar

End the day with this food joint. It serves the most luscious rabri in Rajasthan, along with rabri it also offers Dal Baati, Thali (Aalu Pyaz ki sabzi, raita, Mirchi ke kapee, garlic chutney, and bejad ki roti). But the highlight remains its divine Rabri.

Picture credit: jaipurcityblog.com

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