Mysuru Woman, Hashmath Fathima’s Garden Wins 11 Awards In A Row

Mysuru based woman, Hashmath Fathima’s green thumb has made her famous across Karnataka. Her beautiful house garden housing over 40 varieties of creepers, flowering plants and trees is a sight to behold. She started gardening around 26 years back when she first moved to her current house in Kalyangiri in Mysuru. From then on gardening transcended from being her hobby to her passion.

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What’s Interesting?

Her house and her spectacularly crafted garden is spread across 40 x70 feet plot. What makes Hashmath Fathima’s garden unique is the variety of recyclable items she has used to grow her flora in. Fathima has used tyres, old shoes, discarded plastic bottles, spliced bamboo and 800 mud pots to pot creatively pot her plants. She got the idea of creatively using house items for gardening from various gardening channels and pages on the Internet. She even has a vertical garden where plants are seen hanging out of plastic bottles.

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When you visit her garden you will be amazed by the wide range of flowering plants like daisy, dahlia, zenobia, dianthus, marigold, zinnia, hibiscus, geranium, petunia and many more. It’s like a botany class in itself! The beautifully spread flower beds are further decorated with stone benches, fish ponds, pebble arrangements and an aviary which houses over 50 love birds. It is truly nature at its best!

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Picture Credits: The Better India

Awards and Recognition

Hashmath Fathima’s breathtaking home garden in Kalyangiri in Mysuru is not just a great tourist spot for people across Karnataka. It has also received the top honour in the Home Garden Series at the Dasara flower show, that was organized by the Mysore Horticultural Society. That too for the eleventh time in a row.

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Her love, care, dedication in nurturing her garden beautifully over the years has attracted the attention of avid gardeners across cities. They often drop by to ask her for gardening tips and admire her beautiful garden. The doors of Hashmath Fathima’s enchanting garden in Mysuru are always open for visitors and she personally tells people to visit her garden during the Dasara festival when the garden is in its full glory.

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