Neena Gupta Shares A 2-Ingredient Paneer Recipe From Sydney; Netizens Slam Her For Wasting Whey

Actress Neena Gupta often takes to Instagram to share recipe reels.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Neena Gupta Shares A 2-Ingredient Paneer Recipe From Sydney; Netizens Slam Her For Wasting Whey

Neena Gupta is not just a talented actress but a massive foodie as well. She often takes to her Instagram handle to share family recipes and dining experiences across India and the world. This time, from Sydney, she taught her followers to make homemade paneer using just 2 ingredients. While Netizens were delighted to have a recipe handy the next time they crave paneer abroad, many criticised her for wasting whey.

Neena Gupta Delights Her Fans With A Homemade Paneer Recipe Reel


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Taking to her Instagram handle, the Badhaai Ho actress delighted her fans and followers with a delicious homemade paneer recipe. As her house help prepares the cottage cheese, Neena Gupta shared a BTS video of its making. First, she pours 1 litre of milk into a vessel and lets it boil. Next, she adds lemon juice squeezed from half a lemon. As she adds the lemon juice, the actress keeps stirring the vessel filled with milk.

The milk starts curdling due to the acidic nature of the lemon juice. Then, her house-help separates the curdled milk from the whey using a muslin cloth. The whey is thrown away into the basin while cold water is added to the muslin cloth enveloping the curdled milk. She ties a tight knot to the muslin cloth with the milk solids, resembling a pouch. The cold water helps cool down the curdled milk.

Finally, she places a heavy vessel over the pouch to drain the water. Once the water is drained, your homemade paneer will be ready! In her Instagram caption, Neena Gupta recommends you keep a heavy item over the muslin cloth for at least 30 to 40 minutes to make paneer.

Netizens Criticise Her For Wasting Liquid Gold, Whey

Neena Gupta’s homemade paneer recipe reel went viral in no time. It generated many comments, some of which also criticised her for wasting the whey. @one_oldschool_girl asked the actress why she wasted the whey which contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. The Instagrammer recommended she use it to prepare chapati dough and gravies. She uses it to nourish her hair. 

Similarly, @zindagi_ke_zayke suggested that the water can be used to cook rice, kadhi and even chapatis instead of throwing it down the drain. @imranarashidwani told her it’s not right to flush this large quantity of water. @cyma_singh describes whey as liquid gold and says it’s high on nutrition. 

Meanwhile, do let us know if you found Neena Gupta’s homemade paneer recipe helpful. Also, would you repurpose the whey?

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