Netherlands Installs Free Sunscreen Vending Machines In Public Places To Combat Skin Cancer

Apply sunscreen and protect your skin from sun damage.

by Shreya Ghosh
Netherlands Installs Free Sunscreen Vending Machines In Public Places To Combat Skin Cancer

There are vending machines for differnt products placed in tons of places all around the world. From something as common as snacks and drinks to medicines, there are different types of automated dispensers dispensing multiple items at all places. The Netherlands has taken a significant step by installing sunscreen vending machines for free in some public places. What is this initiative all about? Let’s get to know about it here.

Netherlands Now Has Free Sunscreen Vending Machines

Taking to the X platform, The Best (@ThebestFigen) shared a video of an installed dispenser in a public area in the Netherlands.

These installations are not just positioned to provide sunscreen for free to all the people out there randomly. There is a crucial reason behind finalising the decision to set up these sunscreen vending machines in different bustling local areas in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in patients dealing with skin cancer. To take an impactful step against the horrifying disease, it has been decided to install these vending machines, according to a report by BilbaoHiria. As shared in the X post, these dispensers are completely free of cost and people can dispense sunscreen from the installations and apply it on their skin.

The video shows a glimpse of vending machines filled with Nivea sunscreen and how people can use it to get the product and apply it. The plan of this campaign and its execution aims to provide easy access to this useful beauty product at any place so that people can protect themselves from the harsh effects of UV rays.

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How Can This Product Protect Everyone?

Netherlands Sunscreen Vending Machines
Picture credit- Canva

Sunscreen has the power to protect the skin from harmful damage by the scorching heat and UV rays. It is necessary to be cautious about skin health and also take steps for combating skin cancer. If people start applying the product properly and following efficient directions, they can reduce the risk of skin concerns.

According to a report by the University of Rochester Medical Center, here’s the right way to use sunscreen:

  • It is important to apply sunscreen every day, even if you are indoors. And if you have plans to go outdoors in the daylight, make sure to apply a good amount of sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to stepping out.
  • Applying once won’t give you the desired results. So it is important to reapply the product after every 2 hours.
  • If you are sweating badly, taking a dip in the water, or swimming, reapply even sooner. Focus on not letting the product wash away from your skin.

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Sunscreen is not just for your face but also for your lips and other body parts, especially the exposed parts.

Stay protected!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ The Best (@ThebestFigen) 

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