Netizen Has A Visa-Centric Doubt About Rani Mukerji’s ‘Hum Tum’ Character, Twitteratis Justify This Yashraj Plot

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Netizen Has A Visa-Centric Doubt About Rani Mukerji’s ‘Hum Tum’ Character, Twitteratis Justify This Yashraj Plot

There are two major types of movie watchers: One, those who watch a movie only for entertainment, and the other, those who watch a movie and analyse it! Twitter is surely the best place to share your thoughts and opinions, no matter how random they may be. A Twitter user actually raised a visa-centric doubt about Rani Mukerji’s character from ‘Hum Tum’. 

A Visa-Centric Doubt About Rani Mukerji’s Character

A Twitter user, @GurpriyaSidhu posted a doubt on her Twitter handle. Her question was that, in the film Hum Tum, Rani Mukherjee married Abhishek Bachchan, who lives in the United States. When he is killed in an accident, she flees to Paris, opens a boutique, and begins living alone.

What confused her was what kind of visa Rani Mukherjee had that allowed her to do all of this!

The movie had been released in 2004 and had garnered enough love from the audience. But nobody might have actually thought of it in this manner. But now that we look back, the question feels completely right and logical. The post on Twitter actually garnered over 426K views and over 4,800 likes. 

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Justifications And Jokes

Looking at the question posted by @GurpriyaSindhu, many netizens agreed with her logic. They posted about how many times Bollywood movies lack logic in the script. 

Many other Twitter users came up with justifications and actually explained the whole scenario to clear up this visa-centric doubt. One of them explained how Rani must have got US citizenship and then travelled to Paris because of a free visa on arrival. 

Another netizen wrote the answer as a Bollywood visa, while another said YRF visa, which means You are Ready to Fly.  One Twitter user said that it’s just a Bollywood movie, and hence they did not delve into the technicalities of the foreign visas. 

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